Let go and Flow…: Cancer New Moon and Penumbral Solar Eclipse: July 12 – 28, 2018

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Dear Friend,

We’re in the officially of Eclipse season just past a Cancer New Moon and Penumbral Solar Eclipse, which made an exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn; with two more Eclipses coming up over the coming weeks in Aquarius and Leo, among other major aspects, alignments, retrogrades, and ingresses.

To say there’s a great wave of change sweeping through, would be an understatement. Don’t try to resist this, or cling to what is changing, and/or being swept away. You can’t control the tide, or push the river — but you can flow with it and surrender deeply to the changes unfolding within.

Wherever you have Cancer-Capricorn in your chart — this Eclipse is highlighting matters of that house, and area of your life — there is a chance for a powerful transformation over the coming six weeks, and 18 months.

You cannot control anyone else but you can be conscious of where you pour your energy, and avoid feeding dramas that drain you. The next two weeks call for a deep surrender, letting go, clearing space, and lightening emotional (and other baggage) so you can invest your energy time, money, resources, and love wisely.

Don’t be afraid to cut your losses. Still, all is not lost, so don’t be in hurry to throw the baby out just yet. There’s something profound re-birthing in the ashes of the past. Be patient, go slow and you can learn what you need to do next to help resolve a situation, nurture what matters, and create space for the life you wish to create.

With the Sun aligning with the North Node at the time of the next lunation — and Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27, 2018, just one day after Mercury stations retrograde — you’re learning something allowing you to turn a situation around, or at least your perspective.

Let go of perceptions, and you can start to see a more golden reality; allowing you live more consciously, authentically, as you create a life that aligns with an inner truth.

I’ve recorded a 30 min audio covering the current astrology, with an in-depth interpretation of the current Eclipse, and aspects. This was an unedited stream of consciousness, channeled after a deep meditation on the current aspects and astrology.

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With love and blessings for this Eclipse season,


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