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Hello Friends,

We’re only two short hours away from the Libra Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse which occurs at 3:42 AM EDT on Apr. 15, 2014.

As promised, here is a sample link to the Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse audio (full-length about 25 min) covering the astrological climate over the next two weeks as we move to through the crossroads, to the Taurus New Moon, ushering us into a new world.

Libra Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse 2014 — Sample Audio

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As this Eclipse aligns tonight, and in the days that follow, remember it’s not how many times we fall or rise, it’s about the grace and humility with which we handle life.

And as much as we are all “alone,” we are also “all-one.” What affects one, affects all. And only when we truly grasp this truth can we start to create the harmony we seek in our world.

If you’ve missed these before, please read them nowApril Horoscopes and Journeying through the Crossroads.

And if you haven’t already ordered your 2014 – 2015 Annual Horoscopes, here is a link.

It’s 1:46 AM EDT here now, the forecast is cloudy and the Moon has been playing hide and seek. But I’m going sit by my window, like a patient little bull, pray the heavens part and grace me with a glimpse of the Eclipse and her beauty.

I’ll be back with more astrology soon, and in the meanwhile, I wish you a peaceful Full Moon…

With Love,

Priya Kale

Kingston, NY, 2.18 PM EDT, Apr. 14, 2014


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