Libra Moon…


A quick note – I’ve been just trying to get settled in over the past few days, catching up with old friends and family but mostly just trying recover from the jetlag. Also, I just found out that my neighbour and oldest friend Ruta (who I have known since I was six months old) is having a baby, so been over the moon with that news.

Speaking of the Moon, she is in Libra today and will enter Scorpio at 2:50 PM GMT tomorrow – just in time for Valentine’s day… so expect this to be a sultry one. There are no major aspects taking place in the sky today, tomorrow Mercury enters Aquarius where it is exalted. It is still in its shadow phase (until Feb. 20, 2009) so we can look forward to shedding new light on an old idea.

I will be back with another blog tomorrow with more astrological weather…

Hope you are well whereever you are.

Priya Kale, Mumbai

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