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Pisces Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, Sept. 16-30, 2016

Dear Friends,

Happy Equinox! Mercury is now direct, and the Sun entered Libra at 10:21 AM EDT on Sept. 22, 2016 marking the Equinox — a time of equal days and nights, as nature seeks its balance.

Art by Arun Kale. Copyright Arun Kale.The scales are tipping as we enter Libra season, and the next four weeks are bringing home the lessons of the coming year as we move through this transit of Jupiter in Libra — which I’m calling the ‘Great Equalizer.’

Libra’s symbol is the scales; it represents the truth, justice, peace, harmony, relationships and ‘Karma’ — the law of cause and effect — which operates on every level the physical to metaphysical.

When we study astrology, we’re studying planetary cycles from the view point of the earth. These are archetypal energies, alive within each human being, that we act and play out consciously or unconsciously on the material plane, in this great cosmic dance.

Every year, as the Sun passes through each sign making its way around the zodiac, it shines a spotlight on an area of our life on a personal, and collective level. This is the churning of the great cosmic ocean, within and around us. Asking that we move in awareness and remain centered, as we embody these lessons as part of our learning in this school of life; rather than feel tossed around by the eternal, karmic, ‘Wheel of Fortune.’

Yesterday, two more black men were shot to death at the hands of law enforcement for apparently no justified reason; which then led to peaceful and violent protests. I don’t usually comment on mundane events, but what’s happening now is indicative and reflective of the cosmic climate. In the face against those who abuse their power, it’s natural to feel powerless and want to revolt.

The Pluto-Uranus square since 2012 has brought these issues to the forefront. As Jupiter moves through Libra over the coming year, it squares Pluto, and opposes Uranus in Aries — equalising situations, one way or another. With Pluto at the helm of the T-square — change is here, but with awareness there can be a conscious deconstruction, rather than destruction.

You cannot control another, or a situation, but you can control your response, engagement or involvement. Even inaction is an action and you have the choice. It will call for serenity and wisdom, to change the things we can, accept what we cannot, and wisdom to know the difference. Ask yourself — peace, but at what cost?

In any situation, whether on a collective level, or a personal one — as long as one sees things as “us vs. them” — or perceive a divide, you are part of the problem not the solution. This doesn’t mean one suffer in silence or ignore injustices; vut true victory can’t be at the expense of another. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Only love can destroy hate.

Anger can be a great motivator; but no matter how passionately you feel about something, someone or a cause — until you can find a sense of balance within yourself, you cannot channel or direct the energy constructively. Then anger ends up being a destructive force, defeating your own purpose. It is only from a place of stillness and balance (Libra), that can you direct the (Aries) energy consciously to bring about creative, real change.

Libra is a reminder — it isn’t about WHO is right, but WHAT is true. And there IS only ONE indivisible, objective, absolute truth. Jupiter in Libra asks for perspective, objectivity, wisdom, seeing the bigger picture and recognizing you are one of the equation in any situation that seems to be unjust or unfair.

We’ll see the first developments of what’s to come as we move through this Libra season over the coming four weeks — so pay attention to what’s unfolding in the world and your life. Especially, as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Libra, hours before Pluto’s direct station on Sept. 26, 2016 — bringing huge (perhaps once-in-a-lifetime) opportunities and life-changing choices.

This is a cross-roads — be far-sighted, and you can make huge strides towards a goal. Mercury is direct now and there’s important information surfacing — listen and learn. Over the coming days as it recovers territory, there’s a sense of finally being able to iron out details, plan ahead, and come up with constructive solutions.

Also, we’re moving towards the Libra New Moon — which very very significantly — marks the beginning of  ‘Navratri.’ This is an extremely powerful and potent nine day period of transformation — when a little effort will take you a lot further than it normally would. Here’s an old Blog I wrote on the significance of the Navratri festival, still relevant if you haven’t already read it.

Also, below are three videos from Sri Karunamayi Amma on the significance of Navratri from a planetary and Jyotish perspective: describing how these planetary forces are at play within us, and how you can observe these days of Navratri to gain the maximum benefits of this auspicious season. Don’t miss them. (I will re-post them later in a separate Blog so they are easier to do a ‘search.’)

As you move to the Libra New Moon on Sept. 30, 2016, this a period of going inwards emptying, releasing, clearing space — so you can plant new seeds with the new cycle. The answers to all your questions, are within. Go inward now to seek an inner truth and be guided by an inner vision.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, and again, over the coming year — if we want to create peace in the world and in our lives, we have to first create it within ourselves. True beauty always comes from within. Stay beautiful!




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