Happy International Women’s Day & Mars Retrograde in Libra

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Dear Friends,

It’s only been a few days, but a lot has changed in the sky since I last updated the Blog. Venus is now out of her shadow in Aquarius, Mercury is direct, Mars and Saturn are retrograde and Jupiter is now direct.

And if you haven’t already seen the changes beginning to unfold in your life, it won’t be too long before you do.

We’re coming up on a life-changing, reality-altering patch of astrology in April when it may at times feel like we’re walking through a field of landmines, being presented with what may feel like life or death choices.

It will require a high level of self-awareness but ultimately this challenge holds the potential for profound liberation and an experience of inner-peace.

It may be easier to get through this period if we realize, our greatest battle is with our own ego, darkness and demons. Only when we win that battle — will the “war” truly be over.

But fighting with “demons” or your ego, is like fighting with shadows. The only way you can win is by shining the light of consciousness, which automatically chases away darkness and sheds a light on what needs to change. Awareness is always the first step to transformation, especially when we’re dealing with Mars’ fiery energy.

Given the significance of this period, I’ve written a report on the upcoming Mars retrograde in Libra transit spanning between Mar. 1, 2014 and May 19, 2014. Below is an excerpt.

“As Mars moves back and forth through Libra, it completes a Grand Cross with Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus (who have been in an ongoing square since 2012 and continue to square off until 2015.) It’s like we’re standing in a revolving door, on a pivot or turning a corner. The ground beneath our feet is shifting in a very real way, along with deeper psychological shifts, awakening us to a new reality.

“These aspects speak of ongoing change, but on April 23, 2014 we’re coming on an exact, precise, Grand Cross triggered by Mars (being the fastest moving and only personal planet) — with Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus all at 13+ degrees of the Cardinal signs which is certain to be a wake-up call if there has been denial, and at best, a moment of liberation and recognition of freedom.

“The fuse has already been lit, and the dynamite is going off — opening doors that were previously shut, liberating us from oppressive situations and awakening us where we’ve been sleeping at the wheel. Whatever happens, you can be sure this is most certainly a pivotal moment in your life and the world. And Mars in Libra implies you DO have a choice in how you respond, thereby creating your reality.

“This will call for no denial, but with self-awareness, patience, wisdom you can restore peace, neutralize a situation that has gotten heated, or turn something around that has gone too far in the wrong direction.” — Priya Kale, An Excerpt from Mars Retrograde in Libra report.

Mars Rx in Libra report (March 1 – May 19, 2014) – $9.99


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Also today is International Women’s Day, and I hadn’t really planned on writing anything about it. But then I had a moment with myself earlier and I’d just like to sha




Pre-Order your Cosmic Diaries: 2014 – 2015 Annual Horoscopes

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