Mars is in its home sign Aries, the sign that says ‘I am’. But as Mars moves retrograde, the real question is: ‘Who am I?’ Spiritual teachers say it’s the only question one ever needs to ask. It’s a question we will be asking ourselves or would do well to ask, as we move through this retrograde. Therein lies the answer to any question or challenge you face. — Priya Kale.


You know it’s good when you’re crying by paragraph 3!! You can see in my chart what I feel and then some! You instill faith in an ever greatening, greatness!!Thanks for such a fantastic interpretation of this time. I totally understand. I am so empowered.

I love your horoscopes – they are very much soul-focused, and I love your ability to say it in detail but still keep it very concise. You have the intuitive ability to pick up on what is actually happening in my life at a soul level and expand upon it, and you are very much dead on. 
– Jacob

Wow! Right on point. Literally, everything made so much sense to me. Great reading and I hope that I can find myself through the next chapter of my life. Your reading just opened the door to my heart. Thank you 
-Cindy Lee

I have been following you for years. You obviously have this talent in your DNA! 
-Francie Fillatti

Reassuring words with authenticity. Thank you from Leo rising
-Christine Creedon


Priya Kale is an NYC based, Western Astrologer with astrology in her DNA. She is the heir to the astrological intelligence of the ancients. Her grandfather and great grandfathers were both Vedic astrologers in Bombay, India where she grew up.

She was two years old when her father showed her a lunar eclipse and explained how it worked. Her family tells her, she spent the next six months, explaining what an eclipse was to anyone who visited. Even as a young child, her Sagittarius parents would often take her to the bookstore. They would eventually lose her but always knew where to find her — in the Astrology and Occult section. 

Her father would tell her stories of rows of people lined up to see her grandfather to get readings; including clients who wouldn’t do anything without consulting him first. People would come about marriages, jobs and even come for tips for the horse races! Hearing this at a young age had a deep effect on her. 

Her astrological studies intensified in her 20’s, helping her through challenging times. Until her Saturn return in 2006 when life told her it was time to share her knowledge with others on their life’s journey. 

Fast forward to December 2008, Priya was in New York City where she now lives. At that point, she had only been practicing astrology for a couple of years.

One day as she was waiting for her order at a Manhattan restaurant, the unexpected happened.

Time and space collapsed and she had the feeling that she wasn’t there anymore, yet somehow her presence remained. Although there were people around, they were not separate beings, everyone was her. Peace and bliss were all there was, everything was one. 

Other odd things happened. She didn’t need to sleep or eat and she could hear her mother’s thoughts. People on the streets of NYC would notice her state, come up to talk and touch her. She felt like she was walking on air, playing and dancing with the cosmos.

She says that astrology had led her to this awakening, and now the awakening influences her astrological readings. She uses the information that was gained during that episode to inform her practice.

In 2014, she was led to her Guru, Her Holiness Sri Amma Karunamayi. Since then Priya has been diving deeper into her Self and spiritual journey, under Her guidance. 

Priya has spent half her life in the east and half in the west, which gives her a unique perspective. She is a western astrologer who is currently studying Jyotish (five-year program) in the Sri Achyutananda Parampara, in the lineage of her Guru, Sri Pandit Sanjay Rath.

She works at the intersection of East, West, heaven, and earth; sharing the wisdom of the stars to provide comfort to the suffering and support to people from all backgrounds. She says, astrology definitely works, it’s one of the best tools for self-realization. Everyone can use it to attract and create the life they desire.

Her horoscopes and articles have appeared on various international websites, and publications including:

Vice, Yahoo!, Cosmopolitan,, Wellbeing (Australia), Conde Nast Traveller magazine, Femina magazine(India), Format Magazine (Canada), and Astrodiaries 2016, 2017 for PaperPocket, among others. 

Priya spends her time ricocheting between NYC and Mumbai and traveling the world.

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