Taurus season is a time you go underground to recharge before the Sun ingresses Gemini. Over the past year, you’ve seen at least one big wish come true — now what’s next? As May begins, events unfolding are illuminating you to hidden parts of your psyche, subconscious ideas, beliefs, and thought patterns. At best, this is a chance to liberate yourself from what has kept you trapped and prevented progress. The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse marks the end of a cycle of transformation, which began in November 2021. Your health, work, and routines are coming to light asking you to reflect and re-evaluate what brings you a sense of fulfillment daily. Your quality of life matters more than your bank balance, and health is true wealth. You don’t have all the answers, but take things a day at a time. Consciously purge emotional baggage, declutter, and simplify life and routines. Recycle, upcycle, work smarter, and cut out what drains your time, money, energy, and resources. As Mercury stations direct, Jupiter ingresses Taurus, and the New Moon aligns in Taurus: dig deep to soul search, and align with an inner truth and reality. You’re planting seeds for a soul vision and the coming year marks a spiritual journey. Your faith may be tested at times, but the Universe supports your noblest goals. By the time the Sun enters your sign, you’re learning information, having passionate conversations, and facing choices that can help you manifest a vision. It will take courage to speak up and stand up for the truth. Be bold, confident, and true to yourself as you step into the light.

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