Today, Venus leaves cerebral Gemini and enters Cancer (joining Mars) till June 5, when she is more comfortable and able to express herself naturally. Her recent transit in Gemini taught us lessons about our communication patterns, perceptions, and beliefs, in matters of relationship, love, and money. Now her transit in Cancer is an invitation to dive into our hearts and explore the pearls at its depths.

The recent Scorpio Eclipse brought sudden unexpected changes and endings. Venus’ transit can also help sweeten, heal, and soothe any emotional rawness, left in the wake of the Eclipses.

Let go of clinging to what’s changing. You needn’t act on everything but acknowledge how you feel. Then you can steer your course consciously. This is life-giving watery energy. In all Venusian matters of love, relationships, money, and creativity, what you feed will grow. That said, overwatering a plant can also kill it. Awareness is needed, so we don’t give “too much”. Cast your pearls wisely, don’t be afraid to cut your losses, and pour your heart into what matters most to you.

Over the next two weeks with the Moon waning, we’re pruning back, weeding out, clearing space, and re-directing energy. Nurture yourself, fill your own cup, replenish, and find shelter in the warmth of your own heart. Then love can be a natural outpouring of our being, rather than something we need or give. Jupiter is soon to enter (Venus’ sign) Taurus and we’re moving to a Taurus New Moon. There’s abundance and opportunity on the way. Have faith, rise above insecurities, and trust in the ebb and flow of life as you clear space for new growth.

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