Mecury enters Aquarius, Venus sextiles North Node, Moon in Scorpio

Mercury now still in its shadow phase re-enters Aquarius today around 3PM UT after retrograding through the sign back into Capricorn. Mercury first ingressed Aquarius on Jan. 1, 2009 so look back to what you were dealing with, thinking or talking about as you began the year. Since we are covering old ground, this shed new light on an old idea or dilemma. An open receptive mind is our best ally right now in helping us channel information from the ethers.

With relationships being the theme of the day, astrology certainly seems to be playing its part. Just as Mercury changes signs, Venus in Aries sextiles the North Node in Aquarius igniting flames of passion if we can dare to be honest not only within our relationships but also with ourselves. What does your inner child seek? What would you do if you had never experienced heart-break? Venus in Aries is like a child, capable of loving freely and fully. No matter what your past experiences have been with love, this transit is a chance for us to get up, wipe those tears, dust our knees and jump back into the sandbox. There is an element that requires us to be independent now, and allowing another the same space to be if there is to be growth.

Also the Libra Moon which may have had us contemplating on the dynamics and balance of power in our relationships, enters Scorpio, taking us on deeper journey into the recesses of the heart. This could be a time when if we dare to confront our own fears, wounds and darkness, we can finally begin to find the intimacy we seek. Whether this is a heart to heart you have with someone or go deeper into discovering and healing your own heart; be brave. As we head into the Sagittarius Moon on Monday, the Moon will reach its last quarter after the powerful Leo Full Moon and Eclipse.

No doubt we are dealing with gut wrenching deep emotions, while having to put on a brave front. But who says vulnerability is a sign of weakness? Accept as much and be tender with yourself. There is light at the end of the tunnel for even those who feel like all is lost. Receptivity and openness is key — all the love in the world cannot enter you if your heart is closed.

It may be Valentine’s Day today, but why do we need an occasion to let someone know we love them. Love indeed needs to be celebrated each every day that we live. Seek depth and set your heart free, for when all is said and done only love counts for anything in the end…

With Love,

Priya Kale, Mumbai

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