Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo

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“We are all here to endure the beams of love.” — William Blake

Hello everyone,

Today Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Virgo. With Venus’ conjunction to Saturn we have now begun a new emotional and financial cycle. Now, as Mercury follows suit our heads and hearts can finally get on the same page. Commitments we are making now have the ability to build the integral foundations of life.

We are going past a mental barrier, and with Mercury’s opposition to Borasisi, it is important to avoid getting overly analytical. There needs to be a flow of communication that is in line with the more fluid, soulful awareness trickling through. This is the image of imagination, inspiration and spirit showering down and watering the seeds of ideas we are planting.

Overnight the Sun opposed Neptune which may have had us looking twice at a situation, not quite sure what to believe. But in spite of this foggy energy, there are now four planets in Virgo with enough earthy energy to ground us. Venus is due to form a grand trine to Jupiter in Capricorn and Vesta in Taurus at the time of the eclipse, added to today’s Mercury-Saturn conjunction, providing a solid base for the dreams awakening within.

The Moon has now ingressed Aquarius and we are hurtling towards the Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius tomorrow at 4:16 PM EST. I am almost done writing this Full Moon report with a detailed interpretation of the aspects forming at this time, including a powerful square from Mars to Pluto, with the Sun and Moon in close aspect to Pluto.

I will post it on the site sometime during the day today, so please check back in. You can also subscribe to the RSS blog feed on the left and be notified of updates to this page. Please click here for a week’s free trial or one time purchase of the weekly audio forecasts and Moon reports — including this weeks Aquarius Lunar Eclipse report. If you subscribe now before the page updates you can also gain access to the Leo report.

It’s about midnight here in New York and I’m just about ready for bed. But just wanted to make a few observances from this eclipse season. Aside from a few personal breakthroughs, I’ve heard repeated stories of really intense strange dreams, at least four were death related. With the amount of Neptune activity that is not at all surprising, but would be curious to hear your experiences. If you’ve had particularly interesting dreams I would love to hear from you.

Take care of yourself as the energy of Luna rises and Mars meets Pluto. I’ll be back later today with more. Bye for now…

— priya, the dreamer

p.s. Happy Independence to everyone in India!


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