Mercury conjuncts North Node in Aquarius

Its been a crazy few days of feeling strangely disconnected with no access to the internet, which went down soon after I had finished writing the last blog, before I even had a chance to post it really.

Mars made a conjunction to Juno on Friday — look at where you are arguing about space where what you really want is closeness. This may be inciting all the issues regarding freedom and individuality, but in allowing this to become a battle we are wasting our energy into what could be a supremely electric jolt of passion. Also Uranus sextiles the Psyche, Eros conjunction is like astral lovers meeting, theirs was a tale of passion, faith and learning to trust, in that primal force called love. Now as Uranus sextiles the conjunction we are getting a chance to break through our own emotional barriers to infuse an ethereal love in our relationships. One that goes beyind definition, cuts through fear and enriches our lives with something real and truly divine.

Today, Mercury moves out of it’s shadow phase and also conjuncts the North Node in Aquarius. We are moving into new territory so let go of the past now if you want to move forward. Innovative and radical solutions are called for when dealing with any mental energy – be it in our thoughts, ideas, words or perception.  This is about creating the future that is in tune with the “now” and of the moment. A powerful conversation or idea has a profound message for your future and has the potential to take you all the way to your destiny — it has an air of truth to it that may be hard to deny. But what is more important is that we not allow our perceptions of what we “think” should happen stand in the way of that which is asking you to open your mind for inspiration to strike. The more honest, open minded and creative we can be with this energy the easier it will be for that eureka moment to strike showing you a real way forward. On Sunday, the Moon occults Mercury — in short this could be a profoundly emotionally articulate moment — when we can remove ourselves just enough so we can say what is arising from deep within the soul — remember truth and no fear.

More soon —

Priya Kale, Mumbai

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