Mercury opposes Saturn, Mars sextiles Pluto

Late Wednesday in the US and in the early hours of the morning in the UK and during the day on Thursday in Australia, Mercury makes an exact opposition to Saturn in Virgo as it approaches a conjunction to Uranus. Mercury in Pisces has been asking us to let go of the mind and go with the flow of life. But no doubt the opposition to Saturn could have us being a little too critical of our efforts. Or it may feel like our ideas are being shot down by seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

You may need to have a difficult conversation with someone, which may feel like we’re banging our head against a brick wall. But make the effort now to be imaginative, inspirational and to tap into your intuitive depth, instead of the tendency to want to escape a difficult situation or conversation. Even if something seems logically impossible, try and allow yourself to float above and see the way beyond.

If you can avoid being critical there is a rich truth waiting to percolate hope into what has seemed like an endless struggle. Soon Mercury will conjunct Uranus (triggering the Saturn-Uranus opposition) suggesting an imminent breakthrough of perceptions or genius solution is on the way. If you make the effort now to say what needs to be said, you could be pleasantly surprised with what can be achieved.

Also very poignantly shortly after this aspect Mars in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in Pisces is bubbling with passion, ethereal imagination but is perhaps also bringing to the surface deep nervous fears. Mars and Pluto are co-rulers of Scorpio suggesting a situation is now ripe for evolution to the next stage.

Use the Mars’ drive to steam head through the fears, in Pisces this is about understanding the boundless possibilities that can arise if only we can dare to dream. As it aspects Pluto in Capricorn the sign of material success and worldly ambition, what we are fantasizing about now has every chance of manifesting as something tangible and valuable but for that we have to let go of superficial greed and attachment to any particular status. This is a potential alchemical aspect allowing us to unearth almost like magic the true potential of the soul.

What is emerging is something soulful and deep, if we have the courage to let go of expectations and immerse ourselves in the divine infinite dream.

— Priya Kale, Mumbai


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