Mercury retrograde and pure magic…

Its way after midnight here in New York and before I get into the aspects I thought I’d take a minute to share my days adventure. I love waking up on these early fall mornings, it’s sunny, crisp, theres magic in the air and you just know it. I was done with work early today and I thought I’d make some [magic] of my own. I decided to go to Enchantments Inc., a little store in the east village that sells herbs, oils, books and all kinds of occult supplies.

I was talking to the staff and the conversation turned to astrology, when suddenly it turns out Kat (one of the girls who works there) recognized me from being a long time Planet Waves reader and from this page here. It was totally surreal again and I was in there for hours enchanted by my surroundings, talking to Stacy — a Libra with Scorpio rising who had a few pretty strikingly, accurate messages for me. Needless to say I am never surprised at how the Universe delivers and through whom.

Venus is in Scorpio now — don’t discount the mysterious forces operating in our heart and our lives. There is a feeling of a seductive spell being cast and with Mars soon to join Venus, primal, sexual urges are likely rising to the surface. The intensity and depth of emotion that goes with them might be almost scary.

But Scorpio takes us to the point of total surrender, where after a point there is nothing left to do but either jump and trust those wings to unfurl or hang precariously off a cliff for eternity in ‘safety.’ If we want to transcend fear, we need to go through it, feel it and its strangling grip long enough, to truly see its futility. Be it intimacy or creativity or the ability to attract the needed resources in our life, it is important we recognize the immense potential for transformation and yes, magic.

Mercury has now stationed retrograde and will retrace its steps through Libra until Oct. 15. 2008. Whenever Mercury is retrograde, I have noticed people from the past come back into our lives (often random encounters) In Libra, we are likely to meet or hear from old flames. With Venus in Scorpio it maybe possible to reignite passion. But before free falling into past patterns, it would be good to remember what drove you apart in the first place. If anything this transit is giving us the chance to look at how we communicate within our relationships and readdress any imbalance.

The Moon remains in Leo today so the dramatic energy will continue on for another day. Leo is also heart energy and in the spirit of Venus in Scorpio, do what you can to let go of negative thoughts and emotions. There’s love, passion and abundance waiting to rush into the void you may be afraid of feeling. We are getting a chance to ‘make nice’ and renegotiate our relationships in the spirit of equals raising consciousness and harmony. If we can let go of pride and tame that ego we could be basking in warmth.

Life truly seems to have taken on a magical flair and days like today leave me swirling, speechless in the divine. Like astrology, magic just works, and we all know astrology works like magic. All it takes is an open heart, humility and the willingness to see it.

— Priya Kale, NYC


Quick note to say Mercury retro has thrown a spanner in my travel plans. I likely won’t be in Amsterdam this first week of October, although I do plan to make a trip within the month or mid-November. I also will be travelling to Canada at some point and will post my travel details as I have them.

If anyone wants to contact me for a group session I will take that into consideration as I plan dates. Please email me for further information, if you are interested. Thanks!


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