Mercury trines Uranus and squares Neptune | Moon in Virgo

Hello all,

Hope you are hanging in there with this astrology. We are being drawn ever deeper into the dark waters of the unknown as we head towards the New Moon. Early Wednesday morning in the US at 6:37 AM EST, Mercury trines Uranus followed by a square to Neptune at 7:11 PM EST (just after midnight in the UK and early morning Australia.)

With the Moon in Virgo until Thursday, watch critical energy or tendency to worry. It’s likely that Mercury’s trine to Uranus brings an inkling of what’s to come with the New Moon. This could be a conversation, new inspiration or information that allows us to dare to dream in a new direction. But with Mercury in a square to Neptune things are still pretty foggy. There may be a feeling of uncertainty, ambiguity or even suspicion.

Rather than push for clarity, admit doubt where you are unsure. Given the pressure we are under with the Saturn Pluto square culminating, patience will help. This New Moon trines Uranus in Pisces, suggesting there is fresh hope, clarity and resurrection in store.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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