Merry Christmas! | Cancer Full Moon and Uranus stations Direct

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Happy Christmas Eve all!

We’re heading into a big bright Full Moon in Cancer early Christmas morning here in NYC, (I will be upstate by then) at 6:11 AM EST, Dec. 25, 2015. Also, at the time of the lunation, Mercury trines Jupiter and 857543_10153140072740706_8218231169182781602_oUranus stations direct on Boxing Day. This is big. Very big. And you can expect the unexpected at the very least.

Aside from the fact that it is Christmas, with a Cancer Full Moon and aspects surrounding it, expect this one to be an emotional doozy and full of surprises. Things are changing and changing fast, (the world is spinning a little too fast for this Taurus) and life is asking you to be spontaneous. Still as you will see, there is plenty of hope left where you thought there was none.

I’ve interpreted the aspects in detail in this week’s Cosmic Diaries, (sent out to subscribers by email each week.) But since it is Christmas and the season for giving, I’m posting it here to the free Blog, as my gift to you. If you like what you read, please consider getting or gifting a subscription this Holiday season. Or you can purchase a Consultation as a gift for yourself or a loved one this year — please click link above for a special Holiday Discount on Consultations. Your subscriptions support this Blog and work, and I am grateful for you reading these words.

I’m headed upstate in a short while to visit with my soul family. I will catch you again before the end of the year.

In the meanwhile, from my heart, I wish you, and yours, a very Merry Christmas and seasons greetings

All my Love,



Cosmic Diaries for Week of Dec. 22 – Dec. 28, 2015

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Solstice and another big week in the cosmos and here on earth!

We began the week, with Moon in Taurus on Monday, helping you ground emotions and get a real understanding on where things, and you, stand; especially given recent developments. Also late Monday, Dec. 21, 2015 the Sun reached the Solstice at 11:47 PM EST, as it ingressed Capricorn. As I mentioned in my last forecast, this is a tipping point, allowing us to re-balance situations that have swung to extremes, and hopefully you’re starting to see the light in situations by now.

Over the next four weeks, the Sun moves through Capricorn, this is a time to set goals about what you want to achieve in the coming year or two. Mercury’s current passage through the sign is bringing us a glimpse of the issues we will be dealing with. As the Sun follows in Mercury’s footsteps, this is a chance to deal with them consciously with awareness.

There are no major aspects taking place during the week on Tuesday and Wednesday; with people preparing for the holidays its likely to be a quiet enough week. Yet the intensity is unmistakably building as we move to the Full Moon.

On Thursday, there’s a rather hopeful and joyous aspect occurring as Venus in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Virgo. No doubt there’s much that’s less than desirable in situations in your life and certainly the world; the holidays aren’t always an easy time for many. Yet, Venus and Jupiter are the two benefics, and when these two planets connect, there’s always a sense of benevolence.

The energy should be a great backdrop for the festivities, social gatherings, allowing people to truly get into the spirit of the holidays and rediscover the joy in their heart. Even if you are alone, or missing loved ones this Christmas in spirit or flesh, remember — it is in giving you shall receive. This isn’t just a nice sentiment, especially now, this is a truth to be lived and experienced. Love shared is love multiplied, and it might help to volunteer your time, energy or services to others less fortunate than yourself.

On a more mundane level, this offers the potential for deep healing in relationships, as well as personally, allowing you to find forgiveness in your own heart for whatever or whoever has hurt you. Let go of your expectations of how things should be, you will see how much you have to be grateful for.

Financially too, it might have felt like walking into the unknown lately. But the aspect suggests, there could be hopeful news on the horizon that could really work; or you might learn you have more options than you thought. On the other hand, if it feels like you’re in a deeper hole than you thought, don’t judge something too quickly and have more faith in yourself and what you have to offer.

Be fluid, flexible, resourceful, true to your values and stay focused on the bigger picture and a greater purpose. Then you can be rewarded in ways, beyond just the material. And as you will see there is plenty of tangible hope left in a situation where you thought there was none.

People are always emotional around the holidays, with waves of hope, joy, nostaligia and sadness all running through. This year especially, with the Full Moon on Christmas and aspects surrounding it, the sensitivity factor is being dialled way up to a thousand, so be gentle with yourself and others.

The Cancer Full Moon takes place at 6:11 AM EST, on Dec. 25, 2015, at 3+ degrees of the Capricorn –  Cancer axis. Also at this time, Mercury forms a near exact trine to Jupiter, followed by Uranus direct station the following day — releasing a blast of energy, offering the potential for huge breakthroughs. Globally as well as personally, this is due to have a significant impact.

As the energy spills over through the weekend, expect there to be major revelations, sudden changes, breakthroughs and unexpected developments at the very least. If you have planets in the cardinal signs, especially in the early and middle degrees — you’re likely to feel this energy more personally and powerfully than most, as life brings you to a cross-roads.

Cancer represents emotions, mothers, children, family, food, nourishment, security — both emotional and financial — and these are themes being highlighted now. There may be deep emotions welling up, but if you can rise above your insecurities now, there can be huge breakthroughs. What does home mean to you? Who do you consider family — blood and soul? What was your family dynamic like growing up? What do you need to feel secure — in your relationships, personally, financially?

If you have the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing, you don’t “need” much else. But when even that is threatened, life can be an endless struggle. In this case it is often our emotional bonds that get us through. There is a need to recognise our inter-dependecy, without falling into patterns of co-dependency. You have what it takes, to reach your goals, but for this you have to have more faith in your abilities.

Capricorn is the third earth sign, ruled by Saturn, the sign of “material success;” society, status, structure, government, authority figures, tradition, history, one’s public image and ambition to name a few. Capricorn’s have the ability like a mountain goat, to rise to seemingly impossible heights and make it seem like a breeze. But as ambitious as they are, success is not their goal. Success is the fruit of their dedication, devotion and hard work, which is always rooted in a deeper need and purpose. And the secret to their success is 99% perspiration and single pointed focus on the prize.

Also ask yourself what success and failure mean to you? Where did these ideas come from? Did your parents (consciously or unconsciously) encourage your ambitions, or limit them? All the success in the world would mean nothing, if it didn’t fulfill a deeper purpose and need — helping you live out your potential. Wherever Capricorn falls in your chart, this is the area of your life being highlighted over the next four weeks and certainly by the Full Moon at the end of the week.

The question for you now, is not whether you can climb a mountain, but which mountain would be a worthy challenge for you? No matter what the past has been like, for better or for worse, it does not exist anymore. But it would be helpful to be conscious of it, so it doesn’t seep into your present and or you don’t repeat patterns unconsciously. Uranus’ direct station suggests a bolt out of the blue and a chance to break free of ancient patterns.

If you’ve been in denial about anything, this Full Moon could feel like a rude awakening. There could be sudden changes, reversals, people coming in and out of your life. Mars is still in Libra, in mutual reception with Venus, so relationships too could turn on a dime; family dynamics are changing and this could leave people feeling rather insecure. But still with Jupiter making a very hopeful trine to Mercury, be grateful for all that you’re learning and don’t be too quick to react or over-react.

Awareness will be key. If something triggers your emotions, try to go to the source of pain and release it consciously, rather than project it onto whatever is triggering them. This is no doubt easier said than done. But if you can stay deeply present, yet deeply detached, there can be a deep sense of liberation. 

In relationships especially, be honest about your needs. It is no one’s job to fulfill your needs, but your own. But that doesn’t mean you can’t express them. Just let go of expectations, then see who shows up when you need them.

Finally on Sunday, Venus sextiles the North Node on Sunday followed by the Moon’s ingress into Leo. There could be more drama or dramatic revelations and developments unfolding. But there’s also the potential to lighten up and have fun — it depends on what you choose to feed. At the very least, life is asking you to be spontaneous, creative, courageous and bold, as you reach for your goals, in the light of what’s now surfacing.

By next Monday, Dec. 28, 2015 Mercury trines the North Node, suggesting we start next week on a solid footing as we plan for the road ahead. But Mercury is currently in shadow, and stations retrograde on Jan. 5, 2016, so it will repeat this aspect two more times, suggesting it would be wise to leave room unplanned detours along the way.

As you move through this Holy week, remember we’re in Capricorn season, a time when we stand at a threshold between the past and the future. As the Full Moon aligns this week, stay focused on what’s important at the bottom of it all and remember, “charity begins at home.” Prioritise your life, your goals, take care of what’s most important and needs to be taken care of.

Then let go, and have faith the Universe is like a kind divine mother, who knows what you need before you ask and better than you do…

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Holiday season,



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