Mid-Year SALE – Cosmic Diaries: 2012 Annual Horoscopes


Mid-Year SALE — Cosmic Diaries: 2012 Annual Horoscopes


Cosmic Diaries: 2012 Annual Horoscopes – All 12 Signs – $120.00 (Originally $180.00)


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Feedback from a Reader:
Why Priya Kale’s annual horoscope is one of the best investments (not purchase) you will ever make in your life? 
Priya Kale’s annual horoscope is like no other annual horoscope you have ever come across. I have utilized Priya’s annual horoscopes from 2009. Her annual horoscope is like a one on one session with a life coach, career coach, relationship counselor, healer, astrologer and a friend.She puts in so much personal care, energy and time into making her annual horoscopes just perfect from content to structure and a perfect balance of seeing between details and the big picture.Priya’s annual horoscope is a map to your outside world as well as the emotional world that we carry around with us all the time. It’s often hard to articulate to ourselves how our inner emotional world gets affected by the outside world, many of the events and people’s reactions we have no control over. Priya’s horoscope gives you the guidance and tools to make the best of any situation and conquer them by preparing both the mind and the soul and articulately drawing out just how much power we have in our hands in current and coming situations in our lives.
The 2012 annual horoscope is especially amazing and helpful. Just buy one of her Annual Horoscopes and you will know what I am talking about.

Why choose Priya Kale as your astrologer over other astrologers?

This feedback is also based on a number of years of reviewing Priya’s work and comparison of her work against selected works of other reputable, world renowned or commercially famous astrologers, such as Jonathan Cainer, Eric Francis, Steve Judd, Michael Lutin, Susan Miller, Terry Nazon, Yasmin Boland etc. I like and respect a few of these astrologers for different reasons but overall I feel that Priya has a UNIQUE way of helping her clients access astrology as tool of reinvention, empowerment and guidance for you.  I personally found Priya’s Annual Horoscope as astrological guidance more helpful than some of the other astrologers’ Annual Horoscopes.
Priya’s way of approaching astrology and writing is unique and very different from the astrologers I have reviewed. Her simplicity and wisdom speaks volumes. She goes beyond timing and surface issues.  Firstly she will give you such deep insights and go to the core of the issue that even years and multiple sources of convention, alternative or new age ways could not do it for me.

Secondly and what I love most about her is and what makes her special is the beautiful blend of her astrological guidance. Priya’s astrological guidance is a combination of what physical and practical steps you need to make and emotional/spiritual work you need to do. Most astrologers will tell you about just timing and what physical and practical steps you need to make or when to not make a move. Priya blends her astrological guidance to her clients to deal with current events, times, issues in your life with practical, down to earth, easy to understand guidance, all the while letting you know that you do have power and a role to play in everything. This makes all the difference in being told what you are dealing with and knowing HOW to deal with it and be adequately PREPARED.

Priya will let you know what you need to do in the physical world as well as the reflection and any healing or strengthening you need to delve into within your emotions. From my experience only when both physical action and emotional work meet you become a happier person, a happier person to be around and achieve the kind of results you desire. Priya will not only tell you about the wave of energy/ times/events you are dealing with but how to ride it to reach a place you want to be.

My personal journey utilizing Priya Kale’s astrological guidance and my gratitude to her:

Before reading Priya’s work I did not accept the validity of Astrology and give it the respect that it truly deserves as a fantastic tool to understand oneself and most importantly as a tool of personal empowerment. It can give you the power to change and reinvent your life the way you want it, not how it’s been dished out to you. Although I was born into a culture and family of Astrology devotees, I was giving validity to things only in terms of conventional Science. I discovered that astrology, especially your birth chart, is that one clear map in your life to understand events of your life that has happened and is currently unfolding.

I first discovered Priya’s work when outside events in my life beyond my control made me feel truly stuck and very confused as to why my past strengths, intellect and skills that served me so well in battles of survival and achievement could not help me out this time.  No amount of conventional help and intellect could help me at that time. In that darkness I saw a clear flicker of light – Priya Kale’s words.

Priya’s words are literally a ray of light, hope, power and strength you can reach out for no matter how dark things are and use them to heal yourself, realize your power, change and improve your life, as long as you put in the effort and do what she guides you to do.

Priya’s astrological guidance is not just helpful about emotional issues; I mean practical things like work, career, money, health and relocation. Over the years, even in short span of months I have achieved things and had clarity in my life that I thought I was never capable of simply because of Priya’s insights and most importantly her guidance.  Imagine Priya’s annual horoscopes helped me like this, let alone a one on one session with her. If you follow Priya’s astrological guidance IN ACTION you can trust you will reach a better place.

I have read all of Priya Kale’s annual horoscopes and monthly horoscopes from 2009 to date in 2012. I have even read few random ones earlier to that. Words cannot describe how accurate and articulate her work is.

And as a person, from what little contact I have had with Priya, so far she comes across as a truly caring and genuine person. After all how many people in your life, let alone a counselor/astrologer, will show concern for you (a client) and be willing to be there for you in the midst of their holiday and time with their family? Priya takes you personally. She is a gem who can help you to a better life, make no mistake about that. I highly encourage people to access her astrological guidance and even read her writings on her blog in any way they can.



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