Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius – A time for truth… | 2010 Horoscope Update

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Dear Friends,

We are still under the energy of yesterday’s powerful Scorpio New Moon. Today with Mercury and the Moon in Sagittarius, the energy is lighter.

Truth could start to come out. But the combination of Scorpio and Sagittarius energy can be pretty piercing, so there could be a tendency to be blunt. But with gentleness and honesty we can dare to say the things, the Scorpio Moon has brought an undeniable awareness of.

Mercury’s transit through Sagittarius can be imaginative, expansive, creative. This can also be a rather truthful influence. Sagittarians are well known to say the things that other people don’t dare think of. Being the opposite sign from Gemini, they see things without duality — as they are. But this can be polarizing. Truth often is.

With Mercury the planet of communication in this sign, it may be easier to be honest now with ourselves and others. This is an influence that at best could fill us with fresh hope for the future, lifting the mind above dark clouds of fear.

As the Moon passes through Sagittarius through tomorrow it trines Mars in Leo at 2:39 AM EST on Nov. 18, 2009. So overnight in the US and on Wednesday in the UK and Australia. This could be a fiery release of truth, passion, optimism, self-confidence and creativity.

The Moon will also sextile the triple conjunction in Aquarius — suggesting there can indeed be fresh hope and healing. This is a re-birth, but that means accepting that an old way of life can no longer continue as it has. Things cannot change unless WE change. But if we are willing to evolve we can move forward to the place beyond the horizon. Above all the Scorpio New Moon is about resurrection. Not death.


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