Moon enters Cancer, Mars sextiles North Node, Chiron conjuncts Eros in Aquarius…

It’s been a funky, strange few days — with the Mercury-Neptune square there has been a sense of not knowing what you can believe and the Mars-Pluto square has dredged up a lot of fear and old demons. But ground yourself in the energy of recent Taurus New Moon in the coming days if things get a little too hot, draw yourself back to what you know is real.

With the Moon in Gemini for the past couple of days, a lot has been said. Now as the Moon enters Cancer later this evening it will oppose Pluto and square Venus forming a T-square. We can expect things to intensify and possibly get a little emotional but this can offer us just the release we’ve been looking for if we know how to channel the energy effectively.

When there is a T-square aspect, we have two planets in opposition [Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer in this case] and a planet at the apex [Venus in Aries] that forms 90 degree angles to the other two planets. It is planet at the apex that can help resolve the energy but it is also where we can feel most stressed. This is when we look at the sign with the missing planet to help balance out the energy.

Venus in Aries suggests, the heart is probably the answer to balancing the overwhelming emotions we feel. What does your heart want? Even if we don’t know the answer to that in any given moment, the heart always wants to feel happy, at peace and in Aries especially — loved. Aries is also a reminder, that like a child it’s natural state — is love.

But the apex planet also receives the most stress in the configuration, so if the heart doesn’t get what it wants there may be a tendency to get impatient and blow things out of proportion. With Libra in the sign opposite Venus this is a reminder to focus on balance in our relationships. It has to be a mutual process of sharing and compromising so that each person feels heard, often that is all it takes. Love is never selfish and seeks harmony and balance. Ultimately it is the love we share that comes back to us in the end.

Also today Mars sextiles the North Node and Chiron in Aquarius conjunct Eros. With Chiron and Eros conjunct in Aquarius there may be bitter-sweet feelings of longing and passion. This can be a sexual healing and release that goes beyond the physical, connecting us with the essence of someone or something. It also speaks of the collective wounding probably everyone feels of not being accepted for our personal eccentricities of what turns us on. There is an element of fear that one needs to break through, if we want to connect and find the acceptance we need.

With Mars aspecting the North Node, believe it or not, we are making strides towards are destiny personally and collectively. The collective ultimately thrives on the reminder that we are each unique individuals and consciousness. Mars in Aries suggests it is ultimately your personal power and fire that will drive you towards your destiny — no fear.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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