Moon enters Libra | Scorpio stellium | Sun squares Chiron

Well then. It’s been quite the feeling of walking through the snake pit recently. From the emails in my Inbox and people around me, I can see everyone is feeling this energy pretty intensely.

We have a stellium building in Scorpio — with the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Venus all in the sign; soon to be joined by the Moon as it conjuncts the Sun. It may feel difficult to keep one’s head above water, personally, emotionally, financially and every way to Sunday. This is a core transformation, so we cannot expect it to feel anything but deep and hot.

Scorpio energy can be intense. Especially over the weekend as we enter the dark of the Moon. As the Moon conjuncts the planets in the sign it is triggering and releasing the energy. There is no easy way out. One has to move through the demons and the pain to actually release them.

It can be difficult to let go of the past even if it has been painful, because it is the only reality one has known; there is comfort in that. But this is a New Moon that is asking us to step into the unknown in awareness. For the new to exist — the past must die.

Venus in Scorpio has brought relationship and financial issues to the boil. But truly we are turning lead into gold here. As the Moon enters Libra today, it will conjunct Saturn triggering the Saturn Pluto square due to culminate on Saturday. This should give us a sense of the bigger shifts that are coming. The power dynamics are shifting, but the is only leveling the playing field. Where each person begins to take authority and responsibility for their own life.

But still with the Scorpio Sun squaring Chiron in Aquarius tomorrow there is more conscious release that needs to be dealt with. Try to avoid projecting wounds, wallowing in self-pity or isolating. True there may be a need for deep introspection.

If we can be painfully honest with ourselves there can be transformation and resurrection. This is about accepting oneself wholly, demons, angels and everything in between. Only in wholly accepting one’s truth can there be liberation. Allowing one freedom to make choices based in present truth, rather than old wounds.

The Moon enters Libra (in about an hour) today Nov. 12, 2009 at 12:22 PM EST. Over the next two days it will move through the sign as we edge closer to the New Moon.

I will be back with the New Moon report and the Weekly Horoscopes over the weekend. Also look for updates to the Consultation page after the New Moon and updates on how to pre-order your 2010 Annual Horoscope.

For now, take deep breaths…

— Priya Kale, NYC

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