Moon in Aries, Sun in Leo trines Pluto in Sagittarius

(Blog for Aug. 20 & 21)

Dear Friends and Readers,

Every time I have a session with a client something opens up and yesterday opened up a rainbow within me. Life is changing faster than we can perceive it and the more we can take an active part in directing these changes the more we are likely to end up with someone (I meant to type something, but perhaps it was a divine typo so I will leave it) we really love.

Early tomorrow morning in the UK and overnight in the US, the Sun now in the last few degrees of Leo trines Pluto in Sagittarius forming a grand fire trine with the Aries Moon. This is a transformational aspect that can have us crystallizing a profound vision of the heart and soul. Soon the Sun will move into Virgo joining the other planets in the sign helping us find the ground beneath our feet.

As a planet reaches the end of a sign its energy intensifies, carrying within it the recent wisdom and power of all the degrees before it. We see this in the Sabian Symbols, with each degree of the zodiac representing the souls daily evolution as the Sun passes through the sky during the course of the year.

The recently eclipsed Leo Sun is loaded with passionate, sexual, creative energy radiating from the fiery depths of the heart. Pluto’s is (currently retrograde) in now the last degrees of Sagittarius — a transit that has lasted for the past 12 years. We are reaching the end of an era and the changes that lie in wait have been a long time coming. Pluto suggests a total, complete transformation and in Sagittarius this has been a lot about our spiritual beliefs as a human race which is evident in the state of world today.

Personally as well, we have had to give up all false beliefs that prevent us from acknowledging the higher vision of the soul. Since May this year Pluto has been retrograde for the last time in this sign, giving us a chance for a final purification and liberations from demons of the past. On Sep. 8, 2008, around the time of the PIsces Full Moon, Pluto will resume direct motion. This is bound to release a lot of energy and get people moving in the light of all that has come to the surface through this intensely revealing eclipse season.

As the Sun and Pluto form a trine they are opening up a flow of energy that has the power to change things in way that aligns with our highest spiritual and heart truth. Pluto is also on the Galactic Core so to me it feels like if we ask for something now from the purest place in our heart without allowing ego to colour our decisions, God is listening.

My dear friend Liza, Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon once said to me — “You know Priya – I always think God sits in heaven randomly pointing to one person at a time, making their thoughts and wishes come true — saying ‘make it so’ and you never know when you’re next in line, so I’m always in my heart wishing the best for everyone I love, because it could be my turn next.” Also, Venus and Mercury are due to form a conjunction tomorrow suggesting any conversations we are having regarding love or money right now have an added advantage.

Once Pluto goes direct we should start to see an outward manifestation of the changes that currently seem to be so under the surface. The recent Sun-Neptune oposition has been a time for deep reflection on some of highest ideals; now as the Sun trines Pluto, we are gaining clarity in vision helping us look beyond the rainbow at the pot of gold at the end. This can come through as a source of creative inspiration, sexual desire or a deep release of passionate energy, but if we can allow this to flow we can reach a core transformation in a situation, that resonates with a higher soul truth.

Personally I’ve been going through a few deep revelations myself and I received an email in the mail today that felt like it was sent fro God to tell me I was doing the right thing with my life. It was from a reader who read into the heart of my mission and reflected it with greater clarity in simple words that I needed to hear. My relationship with God is an intimate one, to me he is my lover and I am his Goddess. There are days I am so angry I do not wish to speak to him and there are days when my being overflows with love for him and I can’t contain it.

From the day I started practicing astrology and writing this blog two years ago I started it with this prayer in my heart — “Please let me reach as many people as I can help and heal.” Today when I received the email she in essence repeated and reminded me of my mission and calling — why it is that I do what I do. I would not write if God did not speak through me, I don’t bleed on these pages, I am healed through these words.

Every time I speak with a reader or a client I am reminded of the immense spiritual pool of wisdom that surrounds me in all of you, that is where my soul is refreshed. Not to mention I have an 11th house Pluto and North Node. Trust me there are a lot of us out there thirsting for the kind of change that liberates them. I was lost until I started connecting through these pages and I am here to tell you we are not alone. Humanity and our consciousness is changing faster than we can believe and I definitely think there is strength in numbers. To me with the astrology of our times feels like there is a gathering of flames into the giant ball of fire that is the heart of God.

So today I would like to thank all of my subscribers for showing me their faith in the work I do and believe in me enough to support me in my mission. For the rest of you, if you feel this blog helps you in anyway I would request you to please spread the word to the people in your life who you think may also benefit. I would also greatly appreciate any links to blogs and websites and would be happy to reciprocate links to those of us striving towards a living a deeper life.

Also if you haven’t already, I would ask you to subscribe to my Weekly Audio service which is currently the only source of support for this blog and it costs less than $10 a month.

Again, I am extremely appreciative of all of the support and love I have received from you as I carry on with my mission. I hope to have you along with me on this magical ride for a long time to come…

With Love,


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