Moon in Gemini…


Just thought I’d check in on this beautiful Wednesday evening. I’m in my “cave” making headway on the horoscopes, with candles and frankincense to help the star gazing. Although I’ve been writing it just feels strange to not be “here,” so I thought I’d stop in for a quick hello!

I wonder if any of you feel the shift of Jupiter in Aquarius, I feel it came a little slower for me than most but I feel it now. The Moon is now in Gemini helping the communication to start flowing again but we are heading towards a Mercury retrograde in Aquarius suggesting it’s time to be honest. We are going to get another chance to go over the recent past to learn the final lessons of 2008 before we move into this New Year.

But if I were to be honest — the focus now does not need to be in the past or the future. It needs to be in the “NOW” for all that exists and will exist, is born of this moment. This is truth as I know it.

More soon… for now I shall get back to my writing. The horoscopes for each sign are roughly 2000 words each including an in-depth analysis of the powerful alignments taking place this year — the triple conjunction in Aquarius, the Saturn-Uranus opposition and the Venus retrograde in Aries in March.

If you haven’t ordered your 2009 horoscopes yet, you can do so at this link. For everyone who has purchased a report — thank you for your business and your patience.

I can safely say, it’s looking to be a magical year!


Priya Kale, NYC

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