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Podcast Appearance – A quick note: I will be appearing on a Podcast of the ‘BS Follmer Show,’ speaking with Scott Follmer and Jeniffer Matulka (in Seattle) about Astrology.

I’ll be back later with a direct link to tonight’s episode when it has been uploaded to the site. Please check back in for an update.


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Hello and welcome to the weekend,

It’s been quite the week, and the recent Eclipse has brought sweeping changes throughout the world and in our own personal worlds. Eclipses can seem overwhelming and tend to bring fated events. Especially currently, as the Grand Cross aligns in the sky – the hand of fate may seem like a heavy load to bear.

We’ll be through most of these major shifts in a little over a week from now. As major aspects align at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon, we can trust that we are on our way to freedom.

Currently the Moon is in Libra and will enter Scorpio around midday in the US on Sunday, in the evening in the UK, and overnight Monday in Australia. With the Moon in Libra, find balance within your relationships and create space for something solid to enter your world.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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