Moon Meditations for the Week of Jan. 9- Jan. 15, 2010

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Hello All,

Welcome to the weekend! Here are Moon meditations, I’ve written for the week ahead…

I originally wrote these for Yasmin Boland, so you can also read these and Daily Horoscopes for Jan. 11 & 12, 2010 on her site and Yahoo! Australia during this period.

Also a warm welcome and a Happy New Year to readers from Yasmin’s site.  I am taking a brief break from the regular blog until the Mercury retrograde period ends. In the meanwhile, please feel free to look through these pages to browse through recent content.

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Thanks and Enjoy your weekend!



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Saturday January 9 – Moon in Scorpio

Moon Meditation: “I surrender the past to unearth the beauty in this moment…”

We are likely to be feeling all emotions too deeply now. As the Scorpio Moon makes a link to retrograde Mercury, trust your intuition. You can make a discovery and reach a deeper understanding of something, revealing there’s more under the surface. Let go of old beliefs and be willing to learn. As Mercury squares Juno – in relationships, would you rather be right or happy? Find a way to compromise. Early tomorrow, the Moon links with the Sun and Venus suggesting this could be a potentially romantic night…


Sunday January 10 – Moon in Scorpio

Moon Meditation: “Renewal of spirit…”

Early this morning in Australia, the Scorpio Moon links with the Sun and Venus suggesting a potentially golden discovery. But whether emotional or tangible, we cannot open ourselves to the gifts of the present with arms full of baggage from the past. A corner can be turned today, resurrecting faith in ones individual spirit. Focus on self-acceptance as much as possible. Be in no denial. We can only change and heal, that which we acknowledge. This is a powerful time for rebirth, so release rather than control difficult emotions.


Monday January 11 – Moon into Sagittarius

Moon Meditation: “Hope springs eternal…”

As the Moon enters Sagittarius the energy lightens, bringing renewed hope. Intellectual pursuits are favored, as are international deals and the ability to the bigger picture. As the Moon links with Saturn an honest conversation could clear the air, stabilizing a situation. Over the coming days there are lucrative opportunities coming our way to expand horizons. But as the Moon wanes, the energy may feel introspective. Be guided in your choices by the inner voice of wisdom. Do not underestimate the power of faith to work small miracles.


Tuesday January 12 –
Moon in Sagittarius

Moon Meditation: “Jackpot!”

With a stunning Sun-Venus and North Node in a triple conjunction [8:05 AM in Australia*] this could be a gold mine of a day, bringing material and emotional benefits. The energy feels rather luxurious. With the Moon in Sagittarius, watch the budget if you have one! You could be close to making emotional, professional and financial commitments but there is more information coming through. For now, focus on honest and open communication. By the New Moon and Mercury direct station, we can move ahead with major commitments.

Wednesday January 13 – Moon into Capricorn

Moon Meditation: “It’s a Philosopher’s stone kind of day, of turning lead to gold…”

The Moon enters Capricorn taking us into the most fertile period of a Moon cycle. Remember even the largest oak tree comes from an acorn. As the Sun and Venus sextile Uranus, there could be unexpected but pleasurable surprises coming our way. Today, as the Moon conjuncts Pluto be very honest about what drives and motivates you. Lighten your load and get your priorities straight, as you enter this cycle. Focus on what brings you a sense of accomplishment, rather than society’s definition of “success.” There’s a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered.


Thursday January 14 – Moon in Capricorn

Moon Meditation: “Get your ducks in a row…”

With Mercury standing still in a close square to Saturn, it may feel like something is stuck. New Moons can be unnerving and this energy may feel heavy to work through. Strive for balance, understanding co-operation in your negotiations; making sure everyone understands the ‘rules’ and terms of agreement. This recent retrograde phase began the day after Christmas, asking for a review of arrangements in favor of what works. Get your ducks in a row now. After the New Moon we can move ahead making informed commitments and decisions.

Friday January 15 – New Moon in Capricorn

Moon Meditation: “Sowing the seeds with love…”

Today we have a powerful Annular Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, with Venus the goddess of wealth, beauty and love in tight conjunction. Making the energy is especially fertile for profitable long-term commitments, professionally and personally. We are building foundations for something that can take us to heights of success, so choose with integrity. Also don’t forget to make a New Moon wish, the stars are especially benevolent! As one of my favorites sayings goes, “We are never given a wish without being given the power to make it come true. We may have to work for it however…”

The New Moon takes place today at 5.11pm in Sydney, 2.11am in NYC and 7.11am in England.

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