Moonlight musings and astrology for the weekend…

Hello all,

I don’t know about you but theres something strange up in the air. Mr. Cainer, said we could all expect things to get more and more unbelievable over the coming days and weeks and he’s right on the money again. Truly, its been one of those weeks where I have found myself just laughing at the ridiculousness of it all

With the Mars-Mercury-Venus conjunction due to square Jupiter over the next few days, we are reaching a massive turning point. The climate is ripe for financial, intimate emotional as well as creative breakthroughs so don’t underestimate the power of one conversation to change the shape of things. But with a square aspect it is important we resolve a few key things within first. In relationships, communication is key but there needs to be an inner release of past patterns that prevent us from moving forward.

As Pluto and Jupiter move direct next week, we are without a question moving along with them. Understandings we are reaching now are setting the stage for this coming era. With the Moon currently in Scorpio, we may be swimming through murkier waters, feeling our emotions rather deeply. But as any good Scorpio knows, the only real way to the other side is “through it” not “around it;” in honoring pain we can release it.

Also at this time Mercury and Mars are in a grand air trine with Pallas and Nessus. Nessus deals with themes of past abuse patterns, while Pallas (Goddess of Athens) astrologically represents negotiation skills, defense mechanisms and has a quality of standing up for injustice and the underdog. When there is a grand trine aspect, the energy flows and in air signs perhaps we all just need to take a deep breath. The skies are opening up a level of communication within our relationships that can address toxic patterns deeply embedded in the past.
To a certain extent we are all the product of our experiences. But at what cost? Is it worth it to hang on to pain and disillusionment if it robs you of your ability to enjoy today. And then who will you blame for that? We may be gaining deep insight into some of our defense mechanisms that we’ve had to equip ourselves with over the years.

The danger with grand air trine is we could get caught up in thought, but Juno at this time forms a close ‘kite’ aspect to this trine. We look at the planet in this position as a point of release for this energy. Use what you are learning to consciously raise a higher awareness, level of honesty, understanding and communication in all relationships.

If we can let go of our defenses and just be truthful today, there can be real progress. Uranus retrograde in Pisces today trines Psyche suggesting if we can dare to open up emotionally or pay attention to our intuition, it may be surprisingly easy to dissolve the shadow of a ghost. It only takes our willingness to let go of the pain and sometimes that can be the hardest part. Especially when you’ve lived with something for so long (painful as it may be) that you don’t know how you would ever live without it.

Things are changing faster than we know it, I type this knowing full well that I really don’t know anything at all. But I do know that life is what we make of it and it [Life] hasn’t been this malleable in ages. We indeed seem to be traveling down some kind of thunder road, so “show a little faith, there’s magic in the night…”

With love,

Priya in NYC but under the same sky…


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Friday 05 September 2008

07:19:43 UT – Venus (6 li 58’50”) sextile Ceres (6 le 58’50”)
12:58:30 UT – Pallas (11 ge 13’19”) conjunct Chaos (11 ge 13’19”)
13:31:27 UT – Uranus (20 pi 58’28” Rx) trine Psyche (20 sc 58’28”)
19:38:20 UT – Sun (13 vi 36’5″) square Crantor (13 sa 36’5″)
20:48:30 UT – Mars (11 li 13’22”) trine Chaos (11 ge 13’22”)

Saturday 06 September 2008

01:26:46 UT – Eros (18 vi 32’38”) conjunct Okyrhoe (18 vi 32’38”)
01:58:14 UT – Psyche (21 sc 6’31”) sextile Logos (21 vi 6’31”)
03:53:20 UT – Mars (11 li 24’54”) trine Pallas (11 ge 24’54”)
06:35:04 UT – Mars (11 li 29’17”) trine Nessus (11 aq 29’17” Rx)

07:28:52 UT – Sun (14 vi 4’48”) square Great Attractor (14 sa 4’48”)
07:43:30 UT – Psyche (21 sc 10’16”) square Elatus (21 le 10’16”)
09:17:53 UT – Pallas (11 ge 29’4″) trine Nessus (11 aq 29’4″ Rx)
17:40:52 UT – Ceres (7 le 34’55”) square Chariklo (7 sc 34’55”)
17:50:12 UT – Ceres (7 le 35’5″) square Huya (7 sc 35’5″)
19:11:31 UT – Chariklo (7 sc 35’10”) conjunct Huya (7 sc 35’10”)
21:26:19 UT – Ceto (2 sc 8’26”) trine Teharonhiawako (2 pi 8’26” Rx)

Sunday 07 September 2008

00:40:28 UT – Mercury (11 li 13’32”) trine Chaos (11 ge 13’32”)
01:02:32 UT – Psyche (21 sc 21’34”) opposite Sedna (21 ta 21’34” Rx)
04:11:24 UT – Sun (14 vi 55’2″) trine Vesta (14 ta 55’2″)
05:40:19 UT – Mercury (11 li 27’31”) trine Nessus (11 aq 27’31” Rx)
08:28:55 UT – Sun (15 vi 5’27”) conjunct Typhon (15 vi 5’27”)
14:04:06 UT – First Quarter Moon – Sun (15 vi 19’0″) square Moon (15 sa 19’0″)
14:13:39 UT – Mercury (11 li 51’16”) trine Pallas (11 ge 51’16”)
21:05:20 UT – Mars (12 li 32’1″) square Jupiter (12 cp 32’1″ Rx)
21:17:28 UT – Mars (12 li 32’21”) sextile Ixion (12 sa 32’21”)
22:57:15 UT – Eros (20 vi 12’20”) sextile Amycus (20 sc 12’20”)

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