Faith, Patience, and Sweet Freedom: Moving to the Sagittarius Full Moon…

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Welcome to June!

The energy shifts palpably and tangibly as we enter this month: it’s a busy sky, with major aspects and planetary ingresses.

We’re in the Gemini New Moon cycle fast approaching the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 9th, simultaneous with Jupiter’s direct station (within an hour after lunation.) Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and the coming lunation is due to bring huge turnarounds, opening the gates and road to your future.

Today, on June 1, 2017 Venus in Aries trines Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries on June 3, 2017, enters Taurus on June 6th, and Mars enters Cancer on June 4, 2017.

Venus has been in her shadow and Rx phase since the end of January. The first half of the year has put financial situations, relationships, and matters close to the heart to the test — but trust this has been a purification by fire.

Inspite of all the trials and tribulations you’ve been a through, as Venus trines to Saturn and conjuncts Uranus there is suggestion that a financial/relationship/creative/personal situation is finally stabilising; and you’re nearing a breakthrough. Let go of expectations and you could be pleasantly surprised. There is divine order in the chaos. If you trust the Universe, then trust the Universe.

With Mars and Venus both changing signs, relationships are changing — Venus has had a long transit through Aries, where she is in her fall. Now Mars enters the sign of his fall in Cancer; just as Venus enters Taurus, her home sign. This is a strong placement for Venus where she is more comfortable and able to express her natural talents, abilities, and potential.

There might even be a sense of role reversal in relationships and situations. You’ve experienced both sides of a coin, it would help to show empathy and compassion to other less fortunate than you. Stay true to your values, and you needn’t fear your kindness being taken advantage of.

This is a very fertile, creative, sensual, and tangibly lucrative climate. If you sense a lack rather than abundance and potential, this is a chance to rise above your insecurities and get a different perspective

The Sun is in Gemini — focus on what you have, what you value and what you appreciate, rather than whatever you feel or fear you lack. This is not about denial, but about being appreciative, resourceful, creative, and recognising you have whatever you need (resources and talents) to attract or create what you need.

We’re almost half-way through the year and past the half-way point in the Mars-Saturn cycle since their conjunction on August 26th, 2016; as Mars in Gemini separates from his opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius (exact on May 29th, 2017.)

If something has felt like an uphill battle, trust the hardest part is behind you and you’re on your way to the freedom you seek. Consciously release the past, and stop looking over your shoulder. Stay aligned with a goal; be humble, committed; then you can make conscious choices to create/manifest or learn what you need, or be led to where you need to go.

Jupiter stationed retrograde on February 6th, drawing you inward on your journey of finding inner-peace and equilibrium. You can’t create peace, until you find it within yourself.

Only when you are feeling balanced can you make creative, conscious, balanced choices; and respond (rather than react unconsciously) to life and circumstances. Everything external is transient. We can’t hold others or external circumstances responsible for our happiness. Happiness if it is to be lasting, has to be rooted inside.

Recent weeks and months might have felt like a test of faith; but patience and faith have their rewards. Consciously seek balance and the middle road, rather than veering to extremes.

Where the scales have swung too far out of balance, the tides are turning — stay grounded, receptive, and you can stabilise as you flow with life. If you don’t see it already, you’re about to realise how fortunate you are.

As you move to the Full Moon — clear your perceptions; take careful aim and you could hit bulls eye.

This is just an overview of the planets, if you want to gain insight into your chart and life, so you can make the most of this very fertile climate email me at to schedule an Astrology reading. I’m currently offering a discount on Astrology readings for Gemini season$222 for 2 (60 Min) Astrology Consultations. I would love to work with you!

Below is an excerpt from the Gemini New Moon leading to this life changing lunation with the Sagittarius Full Moon (excerpt below). You can sign up or purchase an individual report here. Your subscriptions help support this site and work, and we appreciate your support.

One more important thing if you are in NYC — do come get a divine blessing from Amma today or tomorrow. Here are the details and I hope to see you there.

I’ll be back with more astrology soon, till then I send you all my love with the Full Moon. — Priya

“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu…”
(May all beings everywhere be happy and free)


Gemini New Moon: May 25 – June 9, 2017

You can sign up or purchase an individual report here. Your subscriptions help support this site and work, and we appreciate your support.

An Excerpt ==
“Interestingly at the time of the Gemini New Moon: Mercury is in Venus’ sign, Venus is Mars’ sign, and Mars is Mercury’s sign. There’s a sense of coming full circle with something; or if there’s a sense of going around in circles: what you’re looking for, or you think is missing might be under your nose…

“…The Sagittarius Full Moon occurs on June 9, 2017 is followed an hour later by Jupiter’s (rulers of Sagittarius’) direct station in Libra. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and the timing of these cosmic events is so divine in its perfection it leaves me in awe every time.

“As the Moon grows full, there’s a growing sense of an imminent breakthrough as situations reach critical mass. This is BIG. Expect breakthroughs, revelations, and developments suggesting the freedom you seek is not out of reach, and you’re closer than you thought to a cherished desire.

“With Jupiter and Venus both benefics in Venus ruled signs, this bodes well for relationships and financial situations. You’re learning now not only have freedom, but there are attractive choices presenting themselves. Stay true to your values, and you can make choices that lead to where your heart most wants to go.

“We are each on an individual journey of self-realization; travelers and companions on this journey of life. Offer others the freedom that you too need – and you can strengthen connections, and gravitate towards those you align and share values with.

“Gemini represents duality — but life is rarely black and white. “Good” and “bad” is subjective and a matter of perspective. Walk the middle path, tune in to the nuances of life and you can make conscious choices to create a reality you desire; perhaps (metaphorically) walk through walls to achieve what some would call miraculous….” — Priya Kale. Gemini New Moon: May 25 – June 9, 2017. (Sign up here for a One Week Free trial.)

Gemini Season / June Astrology Consultation Discount:

Astrology Consultation x 60 Min — $125.00 (Reg. $175)

Astrology Consultations 2 x 60 Min Consultations — $222.00 (Reg. $325)

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