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Happy New Year again dear Friends,

I thought I’d do something different in the New Year, so here is a video blog, covering the Astrological Highlights of 2012.

In this part I look at the transit of Neptune through Pisces, a transit that speaks greatly about the potential for spiritual enlightenment for those “seeking.” And say seeking, but ultimately enlightenment is not something that can be sought nor is there a formula, but in being open to grace we can experience the Divine in everything.

Also I am in my final round of writing for the 2012 Annual Horoscopes, which will cover these transits and what they mean for your sign in greater detail. So far I am on schedule and these should be out to you by the middle of January as planned. Of course, I will keep you updated on these pages as the days go on.

Also you can now get 3, 6, 12 month Subscriptions to the Member Service – which currently includes your Weekly Horoscopes, Monthly Astrology, special reports, Discounts on Consultations, reports and more.

More soon…



Cosmic Diaries 2012 Astrological Highlights: Neptune in Pisces


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