Neptune stations direct, Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio

Note — I will be changing my Consultation rates after the Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 16, 2009. If you are a first time client or would like to avail of the current rates please email me to book an appointment before this time.


We are coming down from a powerful Full Moon and with aspects today and tomorrow we are still under the influence of the lunation. In Scorpio the Sun has been forcing us to evolve to find our inner essence. Although hot, the energy has been centering bringing a solid awareness of what and who we value.

At the time of this Full Moon Venus trined Neptune, bringing a deep awareness of the heart and what it really needs for balance and harmony. The energy still lingers and with Neptune stationing direct today [Wednesday] we can start moving forward with manifesting our dreams.

In a few hours, early Thursday morning in the UK at 8:02 AM UT the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio. This is deeply penetrative psychic energy. We could cut to the heart and soul of the matter within conversations and even with the things unsaid. However there is always a danger with assumption, so be aware of what you “think” you know.

With this conjunction there may also be a tendency to be more secretive than usual. But following the recent Full Moon, this could help us find words to those deep emotions [about how we are changing] that are otherwise hard to articulate. Be willing to explore the depth of the unknown. It would be an opportune time to speak truthfully about the things we often don’t dare to talk about — sex, life, death and money.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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