Philosopher’s Stone: Capricorn Full Moon and Super Moon


“Out on the highways and the by-ways all alone
I’m still searching for, searching for my home
Up in the morning, up in the morning out on the road
And my head is aching and my hands are cold

“And I’m looking for the silver lining
Silver lining in the clouds and I’m searching for
And I’m searching for the philosophers stone”

Philosopher’s Stone, Van Morrison


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Dear Friends,

We’re past the Solstice now, moving towards a potent Capricorn Full Moon at 2+ degrees at 7:32 AM EDT; 12:32 PM GMT and 5:02 PM INT on June 23, 2013.

This Full Moon is also a Super Moon, given it’s current proximity to the earth and the Sun in Cancer the ruler of the Moon, our emotions are a lot more accessible and “surface.”

Full Moons bring revelations. And we are also now in a ‘Mercury storm’ as Mercury prepares to station retrograde on June 26, 2013 the same day as Jupiter enters Cancer. There is lot more information coming to the surface – and this energy feels like a watershed, clogged drain, high tide and flash-flood all at once.

But the Moon Capricorn can tend to compartmentalize emotions, so be conscious not to suppress them. As Uranus forms a loose T-square to this lunation, there are unexpected developments in the offing. And without self-awareness this energy can be rather explosive.

People are feeling hyper sensitive, and it may feel like you’re walking through a minefield in a sensitive situation, with many layers of implications. (And as much as I hate to even think of it, hopefully we won’t have more natural disasters.)

So it will require a conscious release of emotions and parental, societal, generational conditioning, as the Full Moon conjuncts Pluto, so we are not stuck repeating destructive patterns or exploding unconsciously.

This also means taking responsibility for one’s emotions while letting go of expectations of any external source of validation, or projecting blame, anger, frustration outward. Especially look at your relationship with authority or authority figures, and be willing to question where your conditioning comes from.

But no matter what is unfolding in your external world, the more you are able to see this as an inner journey, you will be sheltered through the storm. Then you can reach an inner breakthrough and rise above your insecurities, rather than have an emotional meltdown.

This Full Moon also triggers the Aries Point — marked by 0+ degrees Aries — suggesting it has major implications on a personal as well as global scale. With all the protests that have been escalating through the world — it’s awe inspiring to see this astrology come to life and there are more revelations, revolutions and unexpected developments around the bend.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac — it marks the beginning of all existence — where the un-manifest (Pisces) becomes manifest and comes to life (Aries.) The key phrase for the Aries Point is “The personal is political.” Where one wo/man’s story becomes a voice and platform for every wo/man’s story.

And as much as Aries is the sign of the individual with personal implications, what is personal is only a microcosm of the greater whole. Each person is the center of the Universe and creation from their standpoint. And the realization of that humbling truth comes with a profound responsibility and need for self-awareness.

If you have planets around 2+ degrees of Cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra and or Capricorn — you are especially likely to feel this Full Moon and its effects, more profoundly and personally.

Here in India the Monsoon, as predicted, has been especially heavy and damaging taking it’s toll on life and property. There are buildings collapsing in Mumbai, nearly daily, due to the heavy rainfall, poor foundations and structural damage.

Also, a recent severe cloudburst in the north of India has left the entire town of Kedarnath in ruins. People are still stranded and the death toll is mounting. Kedarnath shrine, is one of the holiest of Hindu Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva (the Destroyer). Strangely (or not) the only surviving structure in the town is the temple.

All the water energy is washing away, what is not built on a firm foundation to sustain the changes to come. This in essence is a metaphor for all that is unfolding in the sky, in our lives and the world right now.

This wave of change is only getting bigger as Jupiter enters Cancer on June 26, 2013 and moves on to join the Grand Water Trine and a T-square to Uranus and Pluto. So it’s imperative we look at what is surfacing at this lunation, and over the coming days as Mercury changes direction and Jupiter enters Cancer. It is bringing us a glimpse of what is to come.

Then we can consciously use the energy of this Full Moon to set in motion constructive changes; rather than stay stuck in patterns of co-dependency, or give away power to those who abuse it and then feel victimized. Charity begins at home. But there are also those who would bite the hand that feeds them.

As this lunation exacts, with the Moon in conjunction to Pluto, this is alchemy at its finest. And the death, destruction, abuse of power, corruption and the darker side our own nature, is surfacing so we can burn away the dross and reclaim our true power — as individuals and as a race — our humanity.

— Priya Kale, Capricorn Full Moon, June 23, 2013, Mumbai


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