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Good Morning and Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon!

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Sabian Symbol 23 Pisces: “The person The Sabian Symbol for 23 Pisces reads: A “materializing” medium giving a séance.

“The ability to give of one’s own vital energy to substantiate one’s conscious ideals or unconscious desires.” – Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala

At exactly 4:13 AM in NYC. 9:13 AM in the UK and 7:13 PM in Australia on Monday, Sep. 15, 2008 the Virgo Sun opposes the Moon in Pisces at 22+ degrees on the Virgo-Pisces axis. At this time the Moon will be in a tight separating conjunction to Uranus suggesting we are being blasted open to an urgent sense of consciousness rising.

There are many aspects between major personal and outer planets right now and change is most certainly in the air. Over the weekend and past week communications within relationships have likely come to a head, only intensifying as we reach the Full Moon. We are at the end of a cycle as Full Moons bring completion and closure, but even as we reach the end of a cycle we are starting over. The recent Mars-Venus conjunction may have singed hearts, as much as it unleashed torrent of creativity. No matter what they say about playing with fire, this is one time that the only way we can get burned is if we stay stuck in old patterns.

The triple conjunction of the personal planets, with Mercury making an exact conjunction to Venus hours before the lunation, it may be easier now to let the feelings out in Libra this is about giving each other freedom of expression. We can now find words to the raw powerful emotions that have been stirred up even if it means we have to be a little more daring.

With the Sun in Virgo now separating from its recent opposition to Uranus, we may have recently had to deal with a few surprise revelations, twists and turns that we really weren’t expecting. As we move into the Full Moon the tension is only increasing bringing us more weirdness, so be forewarned. But given the rest of the aspects in chart, this is likely only opening us to a whole new world of being if we are willing and able to surrender.

In Virgo the Sun teaches us about the virtues of service and the Moon in opposition at this time is shedding a light on our inner most needs and instincts. In Pisces we are being reminded of the presence of the deeply spiritual principles that guide us in our work here on the planet. We aren’t just spiritual beings on a human journey, we living breathing extensions of the divine. Virgo is an earth sign and rules the hands, showing us indeed we are like the the hands of the creator, manifesting his eternal cosmic dream (reflected by its opposite sign Pisces.)

Emotionally this is about breaking through our inner walls. Compassion, love and understanding are powerful forces at this time. It is important you listen to what your heart is trying to tell you. What feels like the greatest risk is likely what you need to be exploring further, be willing to be surprised by the depth of emotion. We are reaching an inevitable release; open the heart to allow healing to flow through.

We could also be on the brink of a supremely creative idea that appears almost as if from the ethers. A willingness to chase this muse to where it wants to take you may be all that is needed. The more out there something seems the more likely it is that we’ve caught the scent of something that has its source in a higher pool of wisdom. Take inspiration from that which works towards touching and raising the collective consciousness.

Pisces and Uranus both are a reminder that — be it art or love; we need to be fluid and willing to chart our own course. What may seem impossible for anyone else might be just the right thing for you. If we are willing to be honest about our feelings however scary they may seem we can truly reach a breakthrough in our communication. It is about learning to trust your heart above all else, this is not about romance but rather a special kind of love that is unique in its freedom in allowing each other to be truly who they are in the constantly changing present.

It’s not always necessary to define every emotion but we need to trust that when the right things are being felt in a very deep place inside us, the right things follow. We are at the start of a new cycle in our relationships that is allowing us to connect and reconnect in a way that meets the highest soul purpose of the people involved. This chart is a very idealistic one and it would be a shame if we didn’t take advantage of this clarity of vision we are now being granted. Jupiter and Saturn and Vesta are in a solid earth trine and the opportunities in front of us are real. The ground beneath our feet is solid and all that may be required is we take a leap of faith and dare to chase our dreams.

As the triple conjunction of planets trine Chiron and Neptune, conversations and discussions we are in the midst of now need to be in tune with a higher awareness and soulful truth. Look around you the world is decidedly different I bet. Its time to trust: times have changed, people have changes and we cannot go on living and repeating the same pattern. Things are very different today than they were even a month ago and there can be a great healing of wounds if we are willing to make just a little effort to get to know each other as we are today.

Often we will let things slide or avoid dealing with them because we think it’s going to be too difficult and more effort than it is worth. Mercury and Venus conjunct at this time suggesting it should be surprisingly easy to find the right words if we are willing to go beyond our fears of what may go wrong. Also Mercury is now in its shadow phase preparing for retrograde motion so the talks we are having now are likely to come up again for refinement.

In relationships business and personal, it is important we create a safe space for a dialogue. There now needs to be an honest exchange on an emotional and intellectual level. Be as truthful as you can be especially about your fears and concerns. By giving them a voice we can pull them out of the dark of the mind and see if there is any truth to them. This is true for financial, creative or intimate personal discussions. It is also now very important that we really, really listen to what someone is trying to say to us, what is being spoken is truly from the heart. We are all acting under the same influence and realize that it may just as difficult for another person to let go of their fears.

Emotional wounds can feel as real physical ones and have the same process of healing. Its like being hurt as a child, when someone came close to clean the wound there is a natural reaction to flinch or not want the person to come closer, a pulling back. But eventually once we are able to allow the person to clean the wound even if it does hurt you know it is being done with love and then comes healing. What is the most important factor in both these scenarios is a willingness to trust, in spite of the pain. This is not about trusting another but rather trusting your own heart, to know who and what has its best interests at heart.

A trine to Neptune suggests it is time to work with our most idealistic vision of what needs to happen next. Purity in thought and heart with a real willingness to relate will take us far at this time. Trust there is a higher wisdom now pulling us forward. Chiron is also conjunct the North Node suggesting situations and relationships developing now are likely to play an important role in our future, especially if we are working towards an altruistic set of dreams. Also at this time Pallas forms a grand air trine along with the triple conjunction of planets in Libra and the North Node, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. Grand trines open up a flow of energy as long as we are aware of the dangers of getting stuck in a whirlpool of thought. At this time Juno in Sagittarius is helping release this energy as it opposes Pallas in Gemini and forms a kite to this trine aspect.

Juno is the Goddess that astrologically represents the qualities of a traditional marriage; asking for equality, loyalty and devotion in a relationship, yet wrath of a woman scorned if she is mistreated. If not expressed consciously the energy can result in score keeping and hanging on to past resentments, which does nothing in bringing closeness. She is now conjunct the Great Attractor bringing us a highly polarized view of relationships. But the lesson here has been acceptance in the fact that every relationship is equal in its potential to be a positive and negative force.

Juno in Sagittarius suggests we stop seeing things as positive and negative and accept the whole. Mars at this time sextiles Juno is suggesting within our relationships, we act in a spirit of fairness and allowing for freedom of being. As she opposes Pallas in Gemini this is a cue to let down our defenses and transcend duality in our negotiations. Pallas can be a great negotiator but in relationships that are bringing us closer to a greater truth as implied by Juno’s presence on the Great Attractor, now is not the time to trip ourselves up in mind games and useless defenses.

Dane Rudhyar says of this degree of the zodiac:

“The person who believes he or she has a mission or a mandate, or any special gift that can be a value to the community, must substantiate this belief. He has to produce results. Sometimes that involves difficulties and special conditions or circumstances; it always demands to some extent the gift of some power of value, which is deeply one’s own. The thought of sacrifice, was suggested by the “white lamb,” in the first symbol of this five-fold series. Something precious involved in a deeply personal experience has to surrendered and offered to others. The medium’s psychic substance provides the materials made visible in the phenomena, if the latter are genuine. After the séance the medium is exhausted. The performer gives of his very life to the performance.”

Influences acting on us now will carry us forward with their momentum over the next two weeks as the Moon disappears again in the sky towards the next New Moon, giving us a new start. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the sign of cosmic consciousness. Go past your boundaries now, be they emotional, psychic, creative and accept yourself as a part of an infinite being. We are all a part of this grand illusion called life and now we have the opportunity to pierce this veil and connect with a greater truth. We are giving of our very souls but trust that the well is bottomless and deep. What is being revealed to you now is your purpose here on earth as you carry out a divine mission.

As the voice of God recently whispered to me “Go into the Womb of God and there be reborn with and in compassion. Love is everywhere even as the wounds seem larger than life.”

I leave you now with one of my favorite poems and my prayer each time the Moon is Full in the sky.

With love,




Monday 15 September 2008

01:37:18 UT – Mercury (18 li 55’58”) conjunct Venus (18 li 55’58”)
05:10:05 UT – Pallas (14 ge 4’45”) opposite Great Attractor (14 sa 4’45”)
07:41:13 UT – Okyrhoe (20 vi 27’43”) sextile Varuna (20 cn 27’43”)
09:13:23 UT – FULL MOON – Sun (22 vi 54’0″) opposite Moon (22 pi 54’0″)
10:07:19 UT – Nessus (11 aq 13’44” Rx) trine Chaos (11 ge 13’44” Rx)
11:46:44 UT – Ceres (11 le 13’37”) opposite Nessus (11 aq 13’37” Rx)
11:52:37 UT – Ceres (11 le 13’43”) sextile Chaos (11 ge 13’43” Rx)
12:56:40 UT – Echeclus (2 sc 24’16”) conjunct Ceto (2 sc 24’16”)
15:56:21 UT – Uranus (20 pi 34’17” Rx) trine Amycus (20 sc 34’17”)
18:00:45 UT – Eros (26 vi 58’37”) square Galactic Center (26 sa 58’37”)
19:40:29 UT – Uranus (20 pi 33’55” Rx) opposite Okyrhoe (20 vi 33’55”)
21:22:25 UT – Mars (17 li 47’15”) sextile Juno (17 sa 47’15”)
21:50:19 UT – Okyrhoe (20 vi 35’2″) sextile Amycus (20 sc 35’2″)

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