Pisces New Moon report, Mar. 15, 2010

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”

— T.S. Elliot, “Little Gidding.”


Pisces New Moon report, Mar. 15, 2010

An Excerpt ==

“There’s something electrically divine and sublime awakening in our souls if we can pay attention and listen. The aspects are helping us pierce through the veil to see and experience the existence of an all pervasive transcendental truth.

“Creatively this energy is extremely lush and fertile offering endless inspiration for the muse. Take in the arts or music and you could be transported to a whole new place. Truly, there could be mind-blowing experiences or we may hear information that leave us at a loss for words; or it may be a time when words seem to flow like music. Within all communication if we are gentle, honest and dare to speak a soulful truth we could reach a breakthrough in understanding allowing us to merge and commune on the deepest of levels.

“With Uranus we can be sure of one thing — what happens is unpredictable. It’s best to not to resist the flow, there is a strong current puling us into unknown waters. This is not for the faint of heart. But with Mars newly direct at 0+ Leo in a close trine to the planets in Pisces, if we can direct this energy consciously, courageously and dive deep. We could be creating small miracles by the sheer force of our passion, which at best could leave us swirling in ecstasy.

Importantly this is the energy seeding a two week cycle, so this is a growing tide. Open your mind to the infinite endless possibilities for creation in our lives. Look at the part of your chart Pisces rules, there is a new chapter beginning here that is likely to take us far into a future we could not have dared dream possible for ourselves.

No matter what we think is possible with our small minds and limited beliefs, God or the ‘Universe’ has dreamed it just a little better for us. When we surrender expectation and attachment to our desires or ideas of what form something takes, we open ourselves up to the “new” to rush in and flood our world.” — An excerpt from the Pisces New Moon report by Priya Kale.


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