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Dear Friends and Readers,

Welcome to April! There’s a plenty of major cosmic activity this month to keep us on our toes. Given the intensity of the past season, it may be hard to believe that change can be positive. But we are definitely moving towards and growing into the light.

As I write this, Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn until September 14, 2010 and Saturn (currently retrograde at 0+ Libra) re-enters Virgo on Apr. 7, 2010 until July 21, 2010.

Relationships are shifting and changing deeply. We are either going deeper within or moving away from what no longer serves us. This process began emerging around mid-November last year and will be complete later this year in September.

The current astrology is teaching us the lessons of balance; creating, harmonious equal relationships, while tearing down the walls that prevent us from achieving this.

With Pluto retrograde we are entering a phase of inner transformation. Depending on where Capricorn falls in your natal and solar chart, those are the areas of your life being affected by this transit.

Also, we are coming up on huge changes as the Grand Cross exacts in the sky between June and September, including a powerful set of Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries at the end of May early June opening up opportunities for individuals looking to make a difference and have their voices heard. The key to this transit will be recognizing the source of one’s personal power.

With Pluto at the apex of this T-square, makes its current retrograde transit especially significant. The world is not the same today as it was even two years ago and we will be in a whole new landscape by the end of September when Pluto stations direct again.

Pay close attention to the part of your chart occupied by Capricorn. Also, if you have planets at the early degrees of any of the Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, you will feel these changes in a very personal way.

Capricorn is the sign of structure, tradition, government, social status and material wealth and success. During this retrograde transit, look closely at what motivates or drives your choices and check if it is based in the “now,” in keeping with your deepest integrity.

Pluto’s process is a deeply subconscious one, so beware to not internalize the energy in self-destructive ways of fear, self-doubt and failure. Old rules especially surrounding success and relationships, conditioning from culture, society, parents and authority figures all need to be consciously broken down. Or they will act as invisible shadow forces that undermine our power, influencing choices.

Pluto is the planet of transformation that takes us through a process of dissolution and then evolution. The retrograde station in Capricorn is highlighting the need to let go of a dying past, by consciously dismantling superficial values or attachments to a ‘way of life’ that no longer exists.

We are sweeping through inner debris to find core essence. Dig deeper to get through the layers of “shoulds,” “mustn’ts,” “supposed tos.” Morality is a glass house waiting to be shattered. What is acceptable in one culture is sacrilege in another. Integrity and humanity on the other hand are universal and indestructible.

In business, remember competition cancels itself out. Those that are power hungry will be met with others of their kind along the way. Let the dogs eat the dogs. One doesn’t really need to worry about it if one is striving for personal excellence. There is no one on earth capable of achieving what YOU can, or you wouldn’t be here.

Imagine if there were no walls, boundaries or limitations to what you could achieve — what would you reach for? What dreams would you want to manifest? This also means breaking down our own ideas of success. Sure every one wants to be “rich” and successful but there is no such thing as easy money.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, recognize the time and dedication required to manifest something to the peak of excellence. So why waste a precious life doing something you don’t really care for?

This also true of business, personal; intimate as well as spiritual connections we share with others. This is not about a passing fancy, but what will last the test of time. Let go of the way things used to be, embrace change and dig deep to find the roots of your true wealth.

As Saturn re-enters Virgo expect to feel the shift in energy. Love is never easy, but always worth it. What matters is what something is worth to us.

One clue comes from Virgo being the sign before Libra — the sign that represents relationships. If we want to receive love, we have to first give love selflessly. This need not mean becoming a martyr, be aware of your own boundaries and give what comes naturally without withholding.

Only when we learn to put another’s needs before our own or dedicate ourselves to a greater cause [Virgo,] can we learn the fine balance of give and take and principles of fairness, required in our relationships with others [Libra.]

Virgo teaches us the essential qualities of sacrifice and service. Especially within relationships, focus on healing rather than criticizing or seeking perfection. Do what needs to be done to restore balance.

Personal integrity, truth, honesty, fairness are essential as we lay the foundations for relationships and situations taking us far into the future, perhaps a lifetime.

— Priya Kale, NYC


Hope you had a Happy Easter. I was blessed to spend mine with my two angels…


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