Pure Magic… Venus conjuncts Mars in Pisces…

We’re heading into possibly one of the most ethereal, surreal and emotional nights. Tonight Venus and Mars will conjunct in the last degree of Pisces, in close conjunction to Uranus and the Pisces Moon will pass through the planets at the same time forming a small stellium.

In a mundane way, this could be a deeply ethereal night soaking in the arts, music, chasing the muse and wining and dining with someone you love. We are starting a new cycle for money, relationships, creativity, love, sex and passion; in Pisces this suggests infinite potential of the source. With the Sun in Taurus this energy is deeply sensual and this could be a steamy night for lovers, with a feeling of something being heaven-sent.

All relationships intimate, creative and business if based on a soul connections and deep values could bear forth solid fruit sometime around mid June when the planets conjunct again in Taurus. What we get out of this transit will depend on how deep you want to go, if you opt for something shiny but ultimately shallow thats what you will get in the end. We are in Taurus season, this is about depth, solidity and worth — as you sow, so shall you reap. Use your imagination to see the infinite possibilities and then be willing to work and make them a reality. For the aspects suggest — they absolutely can be.

On a deeper level Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac represents the infinite cosmic ocean. More than a concept, this is the primordial sea of consciousness within which all that is exists — the creation and the creator. This means complete awareness of the totality and the non-duality of reality itself. Good and bad they both exist, hence real and total.

If Mars represents the man or the male aspect of the Psyche and Venus the woman or the feminine. Them coming together in Pisces is a meeting of the yin-yang, deep in the womb of the divine mother herself. With the Moon in her deep waning phase and Uranus in close conjunction this could be a huge emotional release allowing us to wash away past hurt and pain and heal the heart. For only love is real.

It is true that which we cry for has been what has in the past given us joy, and that which we makes us happy is what has once made us weep. This is the wheel of fortune we live in, with the New Moon days away this is the end of a cycle — but the end is only a new beginning.

In Pisces we are coming full circle, back to the source and we are beginning a new karmic cycle for love, cleansing the memories and ghosts of the past, to make way for what is beginning to emerge now as a wisp of a passionate fantasy. With the Moon and Uranus here as well — in a water sign this is about pushing through emotional boundaries, dissolving fear and merging into a transcendental experience if we can just let go and flow. It may feel like a bit of a risk, but isn’t a moment in eternity worth it?

Tonight is the night to spend with someone who sees the magic in you… and even if you are physically alone, channel the energy in something creative or that makes your heart sing. This energy is ethereal enough to drench you in eternal love till you feel your soul quiver…

With love,



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