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Dear Friends,

We’re now entering the Dark of the Moon, moving towards the Virgo New Moon on Sep. 15, 2012 at 23+ degrees in close conjunction to Mercury (ruler of Virgo.)

Virgo is an earth sign, but ruled by Mercury it is also a very mental sign. It represents one’s health “mind, body and spirit” as well as one’s daily routines, work and psychological processes.

When studying Astrology it is always helpful and interesting to look at opposing signs in comparison — being that they are extremes of the same axis. By understanding one we can get a deeper reflection into the nature of the other.

In this case Pisces is the sign opposite Virgo. If Pisces is the sign that represents the divine, cosmic consciousness, the ethereal, the soul, the subconscious; Virgo (an earth sign) is the other extreme of this energy — the earthly manifestation of Pisces, divine in the flesh, the body, what we call “dharma” (a Sanskrit word which in simplest translation means ‘duty,’) and or one’s sense of purpose on this planet.

And one’s purpose, has little to do with fame or fortune but the simplest parts of our day — from the time we wake up in the morning, the people we meet on our way to work, at work, at the market, doing grocery or the dishes or everyday chores, a simple act of kindness when no one is watching. Virgo is the sign that “serves” — nurses and healers are at best a channel for divine energy (Pisces.)

All creatures great and small have a place in existence. We all have our parts to play, each very different, and no matter how small (by our mental standards) or insignificant a contribution may seem at times it is still an integral part of the greater picture. The whole would not be whole without everything that exists.

Virgo sees the infinite divine beauty of Pisces and strives to manifest that Divine “perfection”; but “perfection” is ultimately an illusion. Even the cosmos is in a constant state of expansion and evolution. But we can only strive to be the best we can be, knowing there is always room for improvement and as long as we are alive our “work” isn’t done. Virgo also represents the “hands,” a reminder that we are indeed hands of God, (Pisces) who lives and breathes through us.

The time before a New Moon can be nerve-racking, especially so with Mercury conjunct the lunation in Virgo which can give rise to nervous energy and feelings of anxiety or worry over that which we can’t see a solution to — as yet. Communication is highlighted, but avoid critical thoughts or needless worry about things out of your control. But the Dark of the Moon is also a time for release, so do what you can to clear out negativity internally. Rather than view things as not “good enough” — trust that as long as you are doing  your best, it will be enough.

Virgo likes to have a plan, but right now the climate is truly asking us to surrender and trust in the inner workings of the Universe; there is a grand design or plan even if we can’t see it yet. At best this energy is bringing something into sharp focus, and the days that follow will allow for a deeper understanding of a situation and what needs to be done.

Be honest with yourself about what is or isn’t working, and what is or isn’t healthy for your mind, body or soul. It’s like untangling a knot which only gets worse the more we struggle with it. Be patient; if you relax long enough you can unravel a problem that has you tied up in knots or sick with worry.

Hours after the New Moon Mercury changes signs to Libra, and over the coming weeks negotiations will be key to finding a healthy balance in relationships. This means being able to communicate honestly and openly while listening to the other side of the story. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth and the solution to cleaning up a mess.

These are the final two weeks of Saturn in Libra and relationships are either getting deeper and more serious, or then it will time to let go and allow space for healing. But this Virgo New Moon does offer the potential for healing if we consciously work towards it. Venus the planet of love is in Leo: if we can stay in the moment and let go of ego, defenses, pride so we can heal and bask in the warmth of the love shining through.

The days and weeks that followed June 24, 2012 (when the first Uranus-Pluto square occurred) brought thundering changes into our lives, showing us life would never be the same again. Now, this New Moon also occurs days before the second Uranus-Pluto square on Sept. 19, 2012 moving us further along our journey into the unknown. This is a story that will unfold gradually as Pluto and Uranus square each other another five times until 2015.

Pluto in Capricorn is asking us to deconstruct and shed the conditioning (especially surrounding success and failure) handed down by the society and culture we grew up in, parents and or authority figures, and return to the roots of our personal humanity and integrity. Meanwhile Uranus in Aries is awakening us to the true power of “self” and the individual. As they square each other the aspect is challenging us to move past tradition for traditions sake and liberate the core flame of self-awareness within us.

What motivates you in your choices? Are you being motivated by fear? Or a burning desire to be liberated from oppressive situations so you can be free to be your authentic self? This is an inner revolution rather than an external one. The Aries Full Moon, at the end of this New Moon cycle two weeks from now, will conjunct Uranus and square Pluto triggering the aspect revealing and liberating us from situations we may be struggling with at the moment.

Whatever you feel in the dark about right now, trust, there is a greater plan in motion. All will be revealed in due time, freeing us from situations that have become oppressive. The more we can move in awareness of the reality we are creating we are likely to feel liberated rather than shocked awake.

The Virgo New Moon is a reminder that each day, every thought, word and every little deed counts. We have one life to live, how do you plan on living yours?

— Priya Kale, Virgo New Moon, 2012.


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