“Re-Birth of Venus” – Venus Retrograde Oct. 5 – Nov. 16

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“Re-Birth of Venus” – Venus Retrograde Oct. 5 – Nov. 16

Sep. 2: Venus enters shadow phase
Sept. 9: Venus ingress Scorpio
Oct. 5: Venus stations retrograde at 10+ Scorpio
Oct. 31: Venus Rx ingress Libra
Nov. 16: Venus stations direct at 25+ Libra
Dec. 2: Venus Direct ingresses Scorpio
Dec. 17: Venus clears shadow phase

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On Oct. 5, Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio drawing us on a 40-day journey into the underworld and depths of our heart and its desires.

Venus rules our love lives, heart, beauty, creativity, relationships, money, and ‘values’ – what and whom you value, and most importantly, how you value yourself – highlighting these themes over the coming weeks.

Scorpio is a fixed, water sign – where energy merges on the deepest level. Among other things, it rules sex, death, genetics, inheritances, addictions, and everything that’s considered taboo.

This is not for the faint-hearted.

Venus retrogrades often bring ‘scandals’ involving/surrounding women. The news is already reflecting this, and as we will see, the rabbit hole goes much deeper. Astrologer Nick Dagan Best says: “The Venus synodic cycle is a work of near-perfect symmetry, repeating at a cycle of eight years minus two days. Personal and collective histories can be traced using this one pattern.”

Pay attention to the houses/areas of your life ruled by Scorpio and Libra in your chart; they’re being highlighted by this transit. Also, looking back to the last few times (depending on your age) Venus was retrograde in this part of the sky in 2010, 2002, 1996, 1978 and so on, will offer insight into recurring themes, you’re likely to encounter over the coming weeks.

A retrograde is always a time for introspection. What have you learned? How have you evolved? What can you do differently? The past is not the present; you cannot change or control anyone or anything. But with awareness, you can change yourself and end a destructive cycle.

Studying the chart of Venus’ retrograde station, we gain insight into the potential of this particular transit. Among other factors: Venus in Scorpio (Mars’ sign) is in a square to Mars in Aquarius, with the waning Moon in Leo, moving to the Libra New Moon (Venus’ sign.)

Since mid-May, Mars’ transit has uprooted old structures, dynamics, shaken and thrown things up in the air in an area of your life.

You’re past a point of no return, but as Venus stations retrograde and square Mars, you’re learning something that might cause you to have a change of heart, (re) awaken desires, and re-evaluate commitments and your involvement in situations.

Something you thought was over still has life, and there’s a piece of the past that needs to be put to bed before you can truly move ahead. Things are evolving on a core level, beneath the surface (although the change is palpable). Consider the next 40 days a process of sorting through the rubble to find the hidden diamond and realize your own inner beauty.

You can have emotional and sexual intimacy, material security, love, and what you desire. But you have to dare to acknowledge your desires and fears first. Facing the unknown is scary, but uncertainty is better than false certainty.

Venus is the principle of attraction, and Scorpio is powerful magnetic energy. Cling to no one, nothing, and remain detached from outcomes. The more you’re able to drop the mask and let go — you can attract what you most desire to you.

I would advise against starting any new relationship (business or personal), financial ventures, making major purchases, beauty makeovers, or cosmetic surgery when Venus the goddess of love, beauty, and money is not in a position of strength.

Exes, lovers, and ghosts from the past tend to reappear during Venus’ retrograde. It’s best to use the retrograde to gain closure, rather than slip back into old patterns. There’s a reason something was in your past and things that happen during a retrograde are not likely to stick, or will at least change form, once Venus is direct.

In existing relationships: the retrograde is a chance to heal connections, deepen intimacy, and bonds — sexually, emotionally, financially; and/or reclaim your power to walk away from abusive, or toxic situations.

First, it will require a thorough confrontation of your desires, attractions, fears, and most stubborn attachments to material possessions, commitments, money, sex, and the corporeal world. Dive deeper into your heart to find what will matter at the end of your life.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, it has the ability to emotionally fixate — whether on pain or pleasure. At its core it teaches us lessons of ego-death.

What is your role in a dynamic? What keeps you hooked in a situation/s that drains you? What/who replenishes you? What prevents you from trusting or deepening intimacy? If you have a history of trauma, past abuse, and/or addictions, seek the help you need and you can begin a healing process.

As Venus returns to Libra (her home sign) on Oct. 31, this is an easier transit than in Scorpio. A mystery is unraveling, allowing you get to the heart of a truth, and the truth in your heart. Consciously release power struggles and you can restore harmony in a situation and relationships, where the scales of power have been skewed.

Even if it means (temporary) separation, if something or someone is right for you, you will meet it/them further along your journey once Venus is direct; when you can relate on a more equal footing, standing in your power.

You will have choices to make but avoid pleasing others. You can’t change the past, but make peace with it so it doesn’t continue to weigh you down. For happiness to be lasting it has to be rooted within your heart and if you choose what makes you happy, things will balance out in the end.

Seek inner beauty, within yourself and others. Move beyond surface appearances, personal conditioning surrounding relationships, and social pleasantries to find what truly connects, or attracts you to another.

Venus stations direct on Nov. 16 and will retrace her steps for the final time until Dec. 17, when she finally moves out of shadow into new territory.

The final days of Venus’ retrograde are generally the most precarious. Especially in Libra, it’s important you keep your balance. But even if you have to fall from grace to rise again — have faith it’s all part of an unfurling journey.

We all fall sometimes, what matters is the grace with which we pick ourselves up. Learn from your experiences, and you can make conscious choices to create a new reality that aligns with an inner truth, drawing into your world relationships that are truly your equals.

As heart wrenching or bittersweet as things seem at times remember this too shall pass. Nothing stays the same and even the best of relationships change, or people die.

Recognize the impermanence and transience of life. Cherish your connections and allow for space for growth and change. You’re learning what’s truly priceless in a situation and indeed, in you.

This is a process of metamorphosis and resurrection; like a caterpillar surrendering to death, before it re-emerges as a butterfly.

And as you will see, true love never dies.

— Priya Kale, Venus Retrograde Oct. 5 – Nov. 16, 2018

This article was sent to Members of Cosmic Diaries service last month. To receive New & Full Moon report and special articles in your email — please sign up to become a member here.

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