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Capricorn Full Moon report: July 5 – 23, 2017

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Hello from sunny California!

We’re in Last Quarter of the Moon, with the waning Moon in Taurus, moving to the Leo New Moon on July 23, 2017 at 0+ degrees 5:35 AM EDT.

There are powerful aspects building over the next couple of days offering the potential for major breakthroughs and deep release, before we start over with the new cycle.

Today on July 17th, Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, and Mars in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries. On July 18th, Venus trines Jupiter in Libra, and Mars trines Chiron in Pisces.

Here is this week’s audio forecast describing the energy and aspects in depth, so please do listen in. Weekly Audio Forecast: July 12-19, 2017. If you enjoy the audios (I plan to continue doing them weekly) please subscribe to the Youtube Channel so you don’t miss a post.

With the world the way it is — it could be easy to give in to a wave of fear. Unfortunately, I even see astrologers giving in to this. But besides being un-constructive, it only perpetuates what you most want to keep out of your experience. Where you feed attention, that is what will grow.

We are the co-creators of our reality. We study astrology so we can look beyond the veil of the physical world to tune into an ethereal reality, so we can work with it to shape our physical experiences, circumstances and existence. You can’t be in denial of all that needs to change, but you can’t get sucked into paranoia either. Or you lose your power to affect any change.

Life is a never ending stream of abundance. If we’re experiencing scarcity its because we’re looking to external sources for replenishment, rather than inward to the source.

This is not easy when one is struggling for basic necessities of food and shelter. Still, you are a child of the Universe; and current aspects suggest the more you can trust and surrender to its flow with humility, fluidity, and grace, you will be taken care of.

Especially with the Mars-Uranus square: go inward to resolve any emotional angst you feel. Squares always ask for an inner resolution. If you’re feeling fearful, overwhelmed, or like you’re in over your head — you can rise above any emotion if you allow it to pass, rather than struggle with it and get sucked under. Release attachments, or trying to bend life to your will — and you can experience a real breakthrough.

And with Venus’ trine to Jupiter, and Mars trine Chiron on July 19th: there’s a real suggestion of hope and healing. Even if things seem up in the air, things could fall into space more beautifully than you imagined. Your job is to do your bit then have faith, patience and allow space for it.

We’re moving through a life-changing patch of astrology and the upcoming Leo New Moon — (the first of two this year) marks the beginning of a powerful Eclipse season next month, when the Sun, Mars, and Mercury will be in Leo.

This is not for the faint-hearted. Events unfolding will change the course of your destiny, asking you to be bold, daring, and spontaneous – so it’s important you move in awareness over the coming days.

With the Sun and Mars in their last days in Cancer, ask yourself — what brings you a sense of security and belonging? What do you need to feel safe — emotionally and materially?

The recent Capricorn Full Moon asked that you let go of superficial attachments to success, ambitions you’ve outgrown, or expectations of how things should be or look like.

Dive beyond the surface to recognise what you value, gain clarity on your goals, and the driving force behind it all — then you can seize your opportunities as they arise.

Cancer is the sign that represents the “past”, and Leo is the sign of “creation”, the “eternal, here and now.” As the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo and we move from the Capricorn Full Moon to Leo New Moon: this is a chance of deep release of the past, so new life can take seed and bloom.

You cannot change the past, but nor do you need to hold on to it, or let it cast a shadow on your life. Learn from it, release it, and weed out what no longer serves your highest purpose.

The more you take responsibility for your life, you can reclaim and recognise your power as the creator of your life, rather than simply react to it.

And the Leo New Moon is a chance to start over and create a life that aligns with and reflects the real you, radiating an inner truth.

I’ll be sending out a detailed Leo New Moon report to Cosmic Diaries Members, covering aspects and astrology for the coming two weeks. You can sign up here to receive it in your email.

I am also available for Astrology Consultations on phone and Skype, or in-person if you are in New York. If you’ve considered getting an Astrology reading, I would highly recommend it. It’s where the real magic happens and I would love to work with you!

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On a personal note, I was in the Bay Area for a meditation retreat over the Full Moon — and after a soulful time on the West Coast I fly back to NYC tomorrow. If you’ve emailed me for an in-person Consultation in NYC in the past couple of days — I will be in touch once I land.

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