Red Letter Day: Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto; Mars conjuncts Saturn in Libra

Hello Friends,

We’ve been through major changes lately and the past few months have changed the landscape of our lives. If it’s been a bumpy ride, take heart in knowing that the planets reflect this time of transition (as above, so below.)

But the planets also suggest we are unequivocally moving forward now, and have the opportunity over the coming weeks to create a more heart-warming future if we make wise choices in the present. This means embracing and accepting reality as it stands, even if it is painful; only in total acceptance can there be change.

Mercury stationed direct in Leo on Aug. 8, 2012 (returning to the point it first occupied on June 27, 2012) and we can move forward now with a renewed understanding about a situation, our desires and the truth in our hearts. Be bold, confident, honest and you can re-write a story in light of what you’ve learned.

Also significantly, Venus is now in Cancer after a long transit through Gemini starting the beginning of April. Since then she stationed retrograde and even made a rare Transit of the Sun, all this bringing undeniable changes in relationships. We’ve learned truths that may have been hard to swallow much less digest them.

But now as Venus moves through Cancer over the coming weeks till Sep. 6, 2012 relationships are deepening; while those without depth and surface attractions are likely to wash away…

Venus is the Goddess of love, beauty, finances, creativity, sensuality, fertility. In Cancer she is the Mother Goddess… protecting, nurturing, feeding, healing all she loves, helping us find depth and empathy in our hearts. On the flip side, the transit could bring to a surface ones insecurities which can only destroy what we seek to nurture if we act on them.

August 15, 2012 is red letter day — with two major aspects occurring within hours of each other. Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn and Mars makes it’s once in two years conjunction to Saturn.

As much as this brings us to the end of a cycle, the end is always a new beginning. With Venus and Mars, most certainly financial situation and relationships are in the spotlight. And there is tremendous potential now for evolution and transformation of situations where we have the strength to draw the line and surrender to change.

Expect things to intensify as we move closer to this date; push is coming to shove. This may bring to the surface obsessive feelings, desires and emotional attachments. But the more we are are able to let go, and go with the flow the easier will be the transformation. The aspects are asking that we evolve to find what is truly precious within a situation — like sifting for gold or diving deep for pearls — rather than cling to what is dying.

Do your best now to rise above whatever makes you feel insecure and you can ride this wave safely to shore. You cannot lose anyone or anything that is real. And ultimately only love is real, and the shore need not cling to the ocean. So trust in the ebb and flow of life, love and money.

The last time Mars made a conjunction to Saturn was on July 31, 2010; we are now coming full circle from then reaching the end of a two year cycle and beginning a new two year cycle. What have you learned during this time? And what are the lessons you will take with you?

There is a sense of having to push through an obstacle at this point and drawing boundaries. But rather than draw the battle lines, this aspect is asking for mutual respect, sharing of responsibility and (re) building trust. We are at the end of a long Saturn in Libra cycle and the Mars conjunction is helping bring these lessons home.

Financially as well personally, Pluto in Capricorn asks that we become aware of our subconscious attachment to material wealth and conditioning handed down by parents, society and cultural upbringing to discover our integrity, what is real and truly precious in a situation or a relationship.

Only days after on Aug. 17, 2012 a Leo New Moon in a sextile to Saturn signals a new dawn and new day…

I’ll be back on Blog with more on that soon. In the meanwhile you can read my Weekly Horoscopes in your mailbox, or contact me for a Personal Astrology Consultation (where I feel I do my best work with you one on one) and together we can gain insight and perspective on your life and the opportunities coming your way.





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