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We’re coming up on holy-days. On earth as they are in heaven. The cosmic climate is certainly in line with the religious observations coming up. With the Moon in Scorpio, the past is dying but only in surrender can we discover an eternal truth.

Friday at 12:52 PM EDT the Moon enters Sagittarius bringing a resurrection of spirit. Truly the Moon’s journey could not be more divinely timed this Easter and holy season.

Relationships and financial situations are heating up and reaching a turning point on Sunday as Venus in Taurus squares Mars in Leo. Expect things to get more than just a little passionate over the weekend. Expect a voracious appetite in more ways than one.

The recent Mars retrograde transit brought important lessons owning one’s desire, power and insecurities. Venus in Taurus, be patient, loyal, sensual and persistent but not stubborn or stuck in old ways. Give way to what clearly wants to rebirth. Give way to the heart and courage, rather than defenses or fear. The can re-ignite sparks and re-birthing life to any relationship or project we may have feared was a lost cause.

Also on Friday Apr. 2, 2010, Mercury enters Taurus Friday, Apr. 2, 2010 and enters “shadow” phase on Sunday, Apr. 4, 2010 and will station retrograde Apr. 18, 2010 days after the Aries New Moon on the . Don’t be in a hurry to figure something out now. Mercury in Taurus likes to ruminate and can process thoughts. But this is a process that’s well worth it. Patience is not only a virtue, in this case is key and due to be handsomely rewarded.

I’ll be back with the April Horoscopes sometime tomorrow and more astrology over the weekend as time permits. Until then I wish you a happy holy days…


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