Sagittarius Moon, Sun conjunct Elatus

Happy Monday everyone, welcome to a big week and new blog format!

It’s been a long weekend for me catching up with old friends. Also, I’ve been busy trying to update the site so I appreciate your patience and as always welcome your suggestions as I make these changes.

We are now past the Quarter Moon headed towards the Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at the end of the week. Change hangs heavy as we stand at this point between two eclipses. This is the time of the year, when for two magical weeks anything can happen. Here is an email I received the other day listing statistics that I wasn’t aware of, but a truth that I know deep in my heart.

According to Social Psychologists Tom Gilovich and Vicki Medvec most of us overwhelmingly regret that which we did NOT do at the end of our lives rather than what we did.

“Time is a key factor in what we regret, according to social psychologists Tom Gilovich and Vicki Medvec. Over the short term, we tend to regret our actions—things we did that we wish we hadn’t. But in the long run, we tend to regret more the things we didn’t do but wish we had. When people look back at their lives as a whole, regrets over what they didn’t do outnumber action regrets 84 percent to 16 percent.”

With the Moon in Sagittarius today, allow yourself the liberty of optimism; and I say this knowing full well that eclipses are NOT the easiest time of the year. But if there is anything I have learned, it is — life isn’t about having a destination, but rather of having an inner awareness of direction.

Eclipses can stop you dead in your tracks and ask you to let go of that which strays you away from your true path. It may feel like we are being forced to make a few difficult decisions and move forward on faith and a prayer. But faith and prayer are as powerful forces as any if we are determined to live a life true to who we are. Trust the changes happening within and around you are the result of a higher awareness, weaving and manifesting itself into the exquisite, colorful tapestry that is life.

Today the Sun makes a conjunction to a minor planet called Elatus. Acording to Philip Sedgwick Elatus astrologically has the primary influence of “expression of self and ego through word and writing.” This may be a good to articulate creative ideas or communicate passion, but with the planets in Leo we need to be aware of the tendency to veer on the side of egotism. False pride does nothing more than keep us from connecting with the truth, caging us in our own delusions. Right now with the Sun approaching an opposition to Neptune, clarity, humility and honesty is what we need to be striving for.

Venus has now entered Virgo and will conjunct Saturn on Wednesday. This is a time when financially and emotionally we are having to push through walls and boundaries. Today Venus squares Pholus suggesting we may on the brink of an inner emotional breakthrough that frees us from the need to have to control every aspect of our emotional and financial reality. It may be a bit of a struggle but again the question here is of faith and then the belief that a pure, sincere heart can will magic into existence.

— Priya Kale


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