Sample Weekly Horoscopes for Week of Nov. 8, 2009

Sample Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of Nov. 8, 2009



There are powerful shifts taking place in your world that require you to be extremely honest with yourself above all. Events are calling you to a deeper surrender to the unknown. It may seem like a huge leap of faith but be willing to explore the depth of your desire. Something is birthing from the shadows that requires you to own your truth, even if it feels a little scary. You may worry that you will be judged for your desires. But I suggest you focus on self-acceptance and be willing to ask for the support you need. You are close to inspiration that can lift your head out of the clouds. Have faith in yourself and what you have to offer. Focus on the depth of connection you share with another, as you speak gently, truthfully and from the heart.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


As a Scorpio you are no stranger to shedding skin. But this is the time of the year when you go through your most profound evolution. There are now factors in your world calling you to confront your deepest doubts, surrounding a domestic or financial situation or having the support you need. This week brings you a chance to lay to rest wounds from a past that have long stood in the way of your recognizing the warmth that surrounds you. There can be hope and healing if you can look at the ways you can let go of past wounds that control who you are today. This may not be easy of painless but there is a soothing presence of support in your world. Be willing to appreciate the grace that enters your life in small ways. It will carry you through as you re-birth to find new hope and the truth in your heart.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You are gaining a deeper awareness of your ambition and the yet unexplored land that lies ahead of you. But before you go any further I suggest you be willing to question your own wounds surrounding any mistrust within a relationship. Could it be that the depth of your desire for someone or something scares even you? No doubt this is leveling the playing field in your life. But this is an important balancing of power within your deepest commitments. There are relationships whose potential you have barely explored the tip of. If you can trust and recognize another’s gifts and what they have to offer, you could stand to reap tangible and emotional rewards of a partnership. You need not fear losing control or your position. This is only teaching you a lesson in true depth, honesty and commitment.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation

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