Saturn and Venus retrograde; Uranus-Pluto square; Solstice Special Offer

Dear Friends,

We are past the Solstice now as the Sun joined Mercury in Cancer two days ago. As with with the seasons — so with the seasons of our lives, the Solstice marks a powerful turning point.

With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, the recent New Moon in Gemini and Venus and Jupiter transiting through the sign [Gemini,] it would help to be fluid and sensitive in your communication, and do what you can to rise above insecurities or defensiveness.

Right now Saturn and Venus are both stationary before they resume direct motion on June 25 and June 27 respectively. It may certainly feel like life and time has come to a standstill.

With the planets at the end of their retrograde journey, this is an introspective time asking that we regain inner balance, and reevaluate important choices before we move forward. As the planets move forward next week, where there has been a sense of restriction or limitation we can certainly see things moving forward again.

Also Uranus squares Pluto on June 24, 2012 (the first in a series of 7 aspects between now and 2015) lighting a fuse, pushing changes into high gear. Pay attention to what is happening now, for this is a glimpse into your future. And the events unfolding now are setting you forth on your journey over the next three years, of awakening you to your power in a situation that seems oppressive.

With both Uranus and Pluto being outer planets this may come as a subtle inner shift, or a feeling of being at the mercy of external forces greater than you. If you have personal planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs (0-15 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn,) or are a Scorpio, Aquarian, Capricorn or Aries you are likely to feel this more intensely as well. Look at the houses that Aries and Capricorn occupy in your chart — this will give you an idea of where the action is.

Squares almost always signal a time of internal resolution rather than external, asking that we look inward and dismantle the false ideals and ideologies we’ve been handed down by society, parents and cultural upbringing to discover a deeper reality.

Studying astrology gives us a sense of perspective, allowing space for reflection and the awareness that like the planets, life is always moving. For many, right now, it may feel like you’ve hit ‘bottom.’ But then the good news is there is only one way to go from here — up.

With love,

Priya Kale, June 22, 2012


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