Saturn square Pluto | heading towards Scorpio New Moon

Good Morning everyone,

As I write this the Moon is in Libra in a tight sextile to Mars, inflaming passion and creativity. Relationships, creative and financial situations can benefit from this rush of warmth. Tomorrow, Saturn in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn rearranging the shape of things to come. The aspect repeats in January and then in August 2010, suggesting this is a longer process unfolding.

We are shifting rules, rearranging boundaries and questioning tradition to bring greater balance within our relationships and the structures that support us. Until we recognize the interdependence of things, arrangement and relationships, we are likely to remain on shaky ground.

Over the weekend, we enter the dark of the Moon as she enters Scorpio Saturday evening EST. Take a deep breath we are going under. [Here’s a picture of the New Moon chart on my desktop.] But with the New Moon trine Uranus this is a time for trailblazing new paths. Mercury will have ingressed Sagittarius at this time. Be imaginative and dare to speak the unspeakable truth.

Depending on where this New Moon takes place in your chart dare to take a risk and follow your intuition. There is a wild magic unfolding, if we can push through our boundaries.

This has always been one of the more memorable seasons for me since childhood. It’s been quite a journey for me this summer [and year.] One of those times that comes along and sweeps you off your feet. Before you know it, you’re off in a timeless, unforgettable, magical space.

I met many wonderful people along my journey, strangers turned into friends into family; clients and readers of this blog. To Sabina, Ursula, Sabeen, Linda in Toronto, all of you were truly angels in an unknown place — so thank you. To Nadine, Adrien and Chris — I miss living in ‘the drum.’

It’s a little under a month since I returned from my magical adventures in Canada. With this New Moon conjunct my Ascendant, I’m excited for the new wave of changes to flow through.

For now though its back to writing and consultations for the rest of this Friday. I will be back with Horoscopes and the Scorpio New Moon report over the weekend.

The energy is watery and luscious, pulling us deeper into its seductive mystery if we only dare…

Here’s wishing you a magical, sexy Scorpio New Moon,


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