Sky-(high)-lights this week: Mercury conjunct North Node | Jupiter sextiles Pluto

Hello and Welcome to February!

January’s Eclipses aspects have shifted the landscape. But that’s what Eclipses do — they bring us a recognition of truth as it stands. We always have a choice. We can continue and go back to old patterns. Or we can see with fresh eyes and choose differently in light of what we’ve learned.

On Feb. 3, 2010 Mercury conjuncts the North Node. It moves out of shadow the next day for the first time since Dec. 26, 2010 when it first stationed retrograde.

Expect to have important conversations bringing important messages from destiny. It may feel like we’ve heard it all before. But we aren’t where we were last week, let alone December — which is at least how long ago this story began. Perhaps even further.

Mercury’s aspects this week suggest, it’s time to catch on to the new world we’re in. This week provides a vantage point for the journey into the future. There is a new way forward in an old situation.

Also on Feb. 3, 2010 Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn. It may feel like being on perilous edge with certain financial and relationship situations. There’s a sense of having to balance individuality and mutual desires. Perhaps if we find self-acceptance first for our own needs, we can find a way to stay grounded in reality and truth of the matter — while being open to new ideas. Be creative, but stay focused on goal you are working towards. The process of creation starts with an idea, but needs a level of time, commitment and dedication to manifest into the physical.

But certainly the big aspect unfolding this week is Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on Feb. 6, 2010. When major outer planets make aspects, the effects linger longer than just a day — so we are likely to feel the effects for a few weeks. But still this a rare aspect, offering rare opportunities that may not come along again in our lifetimes.

This aspect feels like watering and seeding, a recently plowed land with grand dreams. Pisces is the sign of cosmic consciousness. It brings an “experience” of “the magical” or God. Magic by definition is the experience of something, that defies logic. But if we look more closely — Magic and Logic are two sides of a coin. This is the polarity of the Virgo-Pisces axis. Virgo represents our most ‘logical nature;’ it is energy that seeks to organize and streamline inner workings on a physical plane — down to the last detail.

Pisces is only the extreme opposite of this energy, which can’t be understood by logical thought — rather a full bodied experience, soaking and floating in inspiration. If we keep trying to figure something out, often the magic is lost. Magic or intuition is not meant to be “understood.” We can only experience, trust and allow it to move us. With Jupiter in Pisces this is an expansive influence asking us to be imaginative¬† and explore the infinite possibilities. But also be aware of the danger of getting lost in a fantasy and hen being disillusioned.

Pluto in Capricorn has asked for an evolution of past structures, ideologies. The global economy is changing. Unemployment is as high as it’s been and corporate structures are feeling the stress of this climate. The old idea – “I have a job – so I have security” is gone. But if you think about it — as scary as this may seem. It is ultimately liberating one to find the highest essence of their own personal wealth and worth.

As Jupiter sextiles Pluto — Be very conscious of your desires. If we can be realistic, we can room to explore a soulful vision in this extremely alchemical climate. With Mercury’s aspects this week, of all the possibilities there’s at least one idea that’s pure gold.

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And last but not least. It’s good to be back.

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