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Hello from Brooklyn and welcome to the Solstice!

I’ve been back in NYC for exactly a week now. Yesterday, I attended an extremely useful, informative and 1940005_10152823265105706_1832150642852772557_nenlightening workshop by my colleague Chris Brennan on an ancient astrological technique called Zodiacal Releasing.

This technique allows you to “time peak periods and transitions in a person’s career and life direction by using an ancient timing technique known as Zodiacal Releasing. This technique was only recently rediscovered through the translation of a 2nd century text, and it is quickly becoming recognised as one of the most powerful and effective predictive techniques available today.”

I’m still absorbing and processing all I’ve learned, but given how effectively and [alarmingly] accurately it works, just looking at my own chart (aside from many other prominent examples) I’m excited and feel confident to have it be an extremely useful tool in my Consultation work. (Thank you again Chris.)

Meanwhile, the Sun entered Cancer a few hours ago, marking the Solstice; the half way point in the zodiac and astrological year, starting from the Equinox when the Sun enters Aries.

At the time of the Solstice, the Sun reaches its zenith in the sky and appears to stand still in the sky for a few days before it begins its phase of descent (in the Northern hemisphere) and ascent in the Southern hemisphere.

Similarly this is a reflective of a situation in your life which has reached a peak (or valley) and can now start to re-balance itself, as we move to the December Equinox six months from now. Wherever you have Cancer in your chart, that’s the part of your life being highlighted with this transit.

In other big news tomorrow Jupiter trines Uranus, bringing sudden unexpected opportunities, huge breakthroughs, fortunate encounters and or new horizons and avenues inviting you to explore them. We’re also moving towards a very auspicious conjunctions between the two benefics Venus and Jupiter at the end of the month suggesting there’s a golden opportunity for the taking.

It all begins with being grateful for all you’ve already been given.

Here is an excerpt from the June 2015 Monthly Cosmic Weather report:

Sunday 21 June 2015

16:37:52 UT – Sun enters Cancer (direct)

16:58:45 UT – Moon enters Virgo (direct)
“As the Sun enters Cancer and transits through the sign over the next four weeks, the energy is shifting from the very Mercurial energy we’ve been under to more sensitive, emotional energy — when we’re likely to be feeling more emotional, sensitive, nostalgic and focused on matters of the home, family, security and ‘needs.’

“This is also the first water sign, represented by the ocean — and the Sun’s passage through Cancer is always a reminder to learn to trust in the ebb and flow of life. Be fluid, flexible, gentle and dare to dive deep if you want to discover the rich treasures this climate holds for you…” — Priya Kale, June 2015 Monthly Cosmic Weather report. Read Full report and June Monthly Horoscopes.

I’ll be back with more soon, a very Happy Solstice and I look forward to working with you!




I’m available for Consultations by Skype, phone or if you are in NYC, if you prefer, we could even do something in person.

If you’re interested in learning of your Zodiacal releasing periods, (I would highly recommend it) please make a note of this in your email along when scheduling.

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