Sun conjuncts Mercury in Sagittarius

“…and recognize the utter holiness of each breath, of all things. This is the challenge of love.” — Haven Treviño

Dear Friends,

I don’t think you need me to tell you how intense things feel right now. To me, it feels like time is standing still. Pluto’s journey through Sagittarius has asked us to seek the essence of a higher sacred truth emerging from deep within. Before we begin this new journey of Pluto in Capricorn, a worldly manifestation of our infinite divine being, there may be a few more things that we need to let go of. Astrologically the climate is calling for a deep soul surrender. It may feel like a part of us is dying but make no mistake we are re-birthing and now is not the time to lose faith.

With the Moon in Scorpio we are likely “feeling” all our emotions perhaps a bit too exquisitely and the time before New Moons is always one of profound release. There is more under the surface and the deeper we are willing to go, the greater will be the sense of freedom from demons of fear, betrayal, suspicion, anxiety – as we connect with a deeper part of the soul.

Although we are feeling deeply with the Sun-Mercury conjunction it may be easier to find words to express these emotions; in close proximity to Mars there is a good chance that the truth comes tumbling out. It is important now to be honest above all else with our self, even when confronted with our darker demons. It may be possible now to have an honest conversation about a matter that we’d really rather not confront. Sagittarius speaks the truth and Scorpio heals the soul, just remember truth without compassion does more harm than good. If we are willing to be wise, honest without being insensitive much can be let go of a re-birthed.

This could also be a flash of deep insight with incredible creative potential. The aspect is quite visionary and one that could bring deep clarity, allowing us the mental ability to comprehend the deep intuitive energy of the Scorpio Moon. A hunch could be more than just that, divine inspiration can strike if we surrender to it.

As a dearly loved Scorpio once wrote, “You and I are the Beauty of God as much in our darkness and woundedness as we are in our brilliance and altruistic majesty. We never, ever stop being the Reflection of the Divine, we merely stop seeing that reflection…”

With love,



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