Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio, sextile North Node | Mars in Sagittarius

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“Save your sermons for someone that’s afraid to love.
If you knew what I feel then you couldn’t be so sure.
I’ll be right here lying in the hands of God.”

— Dave Matthews, Lying in the hands of God


Dear Friends,

I’ve been a little under the weather for the past couple of days, so apologies for the absence on the blog. Hopefully you’ve noticed that there is something beautiful, mysterious unfurling.

I talked a bit about the Scorpio stellium in this week’s podcast. On Wednesday, Mercury made a conjunction to Vesta, bringing intense but hopefully healing conversations.

Now, the Sun is moving toward a conjunction to Venus (retrograde) in Scorpio, exact at 9:10 PM EDT on Thursday Oct. 28, 2010. The Sun-Venus conjunction also forms an exact sextile to the North Node in Capricorn (closely conjunct Pluto).

We are being magnetically drawn toward a greater destiny that is unearthing. Your best bet would be to acknowledge your desire and surrender. Rather than trying to control something, flow with it instead. This is true for financial agreements as well as creative situations and personal and intimate relationships.

It may all feel rather mysterious, seductive, and there may be a sense of flirting with danger. This is deeply erotic, passionate and tangibly fertile energy. Although this can get deeply sexual, the true secret to transcendence is intimacy. It’s got more to do with daring to bare your soul rather than your body.

One can experience deep intimacy even in a nonsexual relationship. One can exist without the other, but when the two merge, then opens the gateway to bliss and transcendence.

Venus retrograde suggests that there may be a sense of reluctance, or perhaps undercurrents of fear or desire, holding one back from completely letting go in a situation. With Saturn in Libra, there is definitely seriousness to this energy.

Everyone is all too aware of the lessons recently learned and the weight of what a commitment means and requires, or of the boundaries we dare not cross. But rather than focus on what you cannot control, what are your boundaries? How far are you willing to go? Then it is a process of honest negotiation to find a balance of power.

Things have changed. We cannot go back even if we wanted to, and this can only be a good thing. Let go of your expectations of the form that something will take -– for better or worse. Scorpio suggests that what matters is the intention behind it.

Be honest with yourself first. Then we can act in accordance with the deeper intuitive consciousness of the Sun, tapping into the eternal wisdom of Venus, Goddess of wealth, love and abundance.

There’s greater depth to be discovered in financial, creative and intimate situations –- just be willing to dive deep in awareness of the healthier boundaries being established.

Commitment, I feel, truly only comes from the inside out. Perhaps the journey here is one of discovering what we are committed to in our hearts — what remains constant and eternal before we can commit to a situation or to another.

Relationships have been through an intense evolution over the past year or three. This climate is bringing a chance to re-ignite old flames, a reminder of what attracted us to another in the first place. There is a chance for deep resurrection, if we can surrender to it.

Also, this is a chance to consciously make peace with ghosts of distant past relationships. In acknowledging past wounds, we can avoid unconsciously projecting them into the present. Then one can embrace more wholly and grow deeper in trust within the relationships we’re creating and have been working through over the past year. Don’t be afraid to make love to your dark side and to heal it.

The more we can let go of trying to possess or control someone or something, the more we will allow the true potential to release itself. This is an essential purification of “darkness,” leading to the discovery of something truly precious and golden.

On Thursday, just after midnight in the US (early Thursday morning in the UK), Mars entered Sagittarius and will remain in the sign through the month of November until Dec. 7, 2010, when it enters Capricorn.

Yesterday was Mars’ last day in Scorpio, which likely brought heated transformation to situations that continue to evolve as the rest of the planets move through the sign.

Mars entering Sagittarius comes with a feeling of hope and light at the end of the tunnel; this is proof of resurrection after the recent struggle.

Its passage through Sagittarius is due to be a passionate, fiery, visionary time that will fan optimism. Meanwhile, now and over the weekend, be honest and wise, make choices and act in faith, and surrender the rest to God or the Universe…

Look beyond the surface to someone’s soul and heart; the veil is thinning. This is a marriage of dark and light, of the physical and the eternal, mortal and immortal. Look for phoenix rising through the smoky, hazy shadows…

With love and passion,

Priya Kale, NYC


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