Sun enters Libra, Equinox, Venus sextiles Pluto

What a week and half that was! Over the top revelations have brimmed over to make their presence felt in our world, forcing us to go beyond comfort zone. We are now at the Libra Equinox, marking Fall here in the Northern hemisphere and Spring in the Southern hemisphere.

You can really feel the change of seasons here in New York, the air has been crisp and cool over the past few days. There is now a lot of activity in Libra as the Sun joins Mars, Venus and Mercury in the sign. Mercury is now stationary in the sky preparing for its retrograde motion on Sep. 24, the same day as Venus leaves Libra to enter Scorpio.

We are still in the midst of learning important lessons about the way we communicate within our relationships. With the Sun entering Libra it emphasizes this influence by asking us to focus on the way we relate within our most important partnerships. Ruled by Venus, we learn here that relationships are a fine balance that require understanding and a mutual respect for another persons opinion. There needs to be a willingness to be fair, just and honest while remembering that relationships need air to breathe while we find the right balance that works for us.

Each relationship is unique to the people involved and we can’t expect the “standard” set of rules to apply in every situation. Its like I could be ‘blue’ and I could be with someone who is ‘red’ and we’d make a intriguingly intense shade of purple. But I can’t expect to have the same results with someone who is ‘yellow’ and only when I am willing to love and accept what is can I find respite in the lushness of ‘green.’ And when we are willing to go deeper we can start experimenting with shades of “forest green” or perhaps a fresh ‘lime green’ or ’emerald.’

Also now Venus is in the last degrees of Libra her home sign and will soon ingress Scorpio. Tonight she sextiles Pluto in Sagittarius likely fanning attraction and for someone or something. I know it’s Monday, but the aspects are setting the stage for a seductively sexy encounter, that sets off sparks of desire.

Both planets are now in the last degrees of signs and this can be a flurry of activity and it has a feeling of something almost dangerous yet irresistible. Nothing needs to be taboo as long we enter each situation in consciousness, in tune with a core truth that we are all free to be exactly who we are. Love often arises out of lust, as long as there is a willingness to transcend to a higher consciousness and not stay stuck in the base levels of relating.

It’s been an interesting few days for me personally. I’ve had people drop out of my life like flies and at the same time found unexpected love and support right under my nose. I’ve seen some beautiful images, the most beautiful sunset ever, had a few surreal encounters, including being serenaded by a mysterious Scorpio woman under a Pisces Full Moon, met a reader who was as thrilled to see me as I was her and have miraculously reached my ideal body weight. Life is changing faster than we can keep up with almost. But now with Mercury due to station retrograde we are going to get one more chance to review some of our recent decisions, to make sure we are acting out of our soul truth and not out of ego, fear and pride.

With the Moon now in Cancer we can expect to crave comfort and nourishment. In Cancer the Moon is in her home sign and gives us the ability to intuit our way through difficult emotions rather than respond to them over-sensitively out of insecurity. Cancer is the sign of the ocean, giving us a picture of our innermost emotional nature; go below the surface to find true calm, rather than giving in to surface fears.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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