Turning Tides…: Sun enters Pisces & an update from the Cave (the Venus in Capricorn files)



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(I’ve been posting short updates on the astrological weather there.)

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Note: I wrote this this Blog under the Sun-Mercury conjunction, a day after the Full Moon, and added the first paragraph of edits today before posting.


Dear Friends,

In about an hour from now, the Sun leaves Aquarius, and enters Pisces at 12:59 PM EDT on Feb. 18, 2014 drawing us deeper into the rabbit hole. We’re also coming down from the energy of a powerful Leo Full Moon, followed by a Sun and Mercury (Rx) aligned in a conjunction in Aquarius.

Astrologer and colleague, Gary P Caton had this to say about the Sun-Mercury conjunction that took place on Feb. 16, 2014 —

“Tonight Mercury is exactly conjunct the Sun.

This is like entering the throne room of the King — an auspicious moment to be really clear and concise about who you are, what you stand for, what you need and what you want. By setting your intentions now, you are planting your seeds as a divine decree.”

And it’s still not too late to do that, the Full Moon is asking to consciously clear space and gain clarity before we enter the next chapter and the new cycle, at the end of the month, with the Pisces New Moon.

Especially with the Sun entering Pisces, this is very ethereal, psychic intuitive energy. Listen to your inner voice. The difference between intuition and thought is that you aren’t doing the thinking. Intuition when something “comes” to you in the absence of thought — from out of the blue — so the mind/brain can act as a satellite dish to retrieve and receive, information and, insight. You recognize it, by listening to it.

Between now and the end of the month there are intense planetary shifts and alignments occurring which will no doubt be reflected in our lives.

Jupiter squares Uranus on Feb. 26th, Mercury stations direct on Feb. 28th, March 1st marks a New Moon in Pisces in conjunction to Chiron and Mars’ retrograde station, March 2nd Saturn stations retrograde in Scorpio and a few days later Jupiter stations direct in Cancer and Venus leaves shadow and enters Aquarius.

There is a lot going on.

Here is an excerpt from the February Cosmic Weather sent out to subscribers —

“Through the month, the winds of change are blowing strong. But with Mercury retrograde it may feel like flying into a head-wind, facing resistance for your best ideas. Retrograde Mercury reaches its second exact square to Saturn on Feb. 19, 2014, an aspect that first exacted on Jan. 25, 2014. It may mean having difficult conversations, perhaps with yourself, offering a deeper understanding of a situation, and an opportunity to re-negotiate and re-write rules.”

“…The energy and tides are turning yet again and, you better believe, there’s magic in the air. March brings us to a whole new chapter, asking us to go deeper in our quest for an eternal truth.”

As I write this and look at the aspects aligning, I think it would be an opportune time to schedule a Consultation if you’ve been thinking of one. So I’m offering a discount on Astrology Consultations purchased till Feb. 28, 2014. You can schedule a 60 min session for $138.50 (usually $165), or 2 x 60 min sessions for $275.00 (usually $325).

You can use them at a later date but I would advise you to please purchase early if you want to schedule before the end of the month. (You can purchase at this link or at the button at the bottom of this page.)

Also, yesterday Cosmic Diaries celebrated its 6th birthday yesterday as per the Lunar cycle under the Leo Full Moon. The recent Full Moon was also conjunct my MC (10th house – “career”) and with the Sun-Mercury passing over my IC at the moment, I can’t help but take a walk down memory lane, even as I look to the future. So here’s an update on what I’ve been up to this winter.


Late last year as my ruler entered my Capricorn my 9th house, I found myself looking forward to where I saw myself, this website and my life heading. And although I still loved the astrology I knew I needed to reconnect with it, get back to my roots.

Then as was the divine design, it’s been long cold winter. (It’s snowing outside my window as I speak.) And since Venus’ retrograde station and the beginning of the year, I’ve been hibernating in the “cave,” reflecting on life, meditating, diving deeper into alchemy, the study of herbs, working with the Moon cycles to create oil infusions — harness the power of the elements into tangible form that can be worked with. With no thought other than I needed to ground myself and work with my hands (Taurus.)

But necessity truly is the mother of invention. All the while, this incredibly cold and dry winter made my skin extremely dry, and develop an allergy to my soap, for the first time. So I also started to research soap — how to make my own. But then I dawned on me, to try to make the soaps with the lunar and planetary infused oils in the soap process. I’m looking forward to making my first batch in the coming weeks. And I’ll keep you updated on my progress as I can. And if all goes well, and my experiment works to bring results, I look forward to sharing these creations with you in the not too distant future.

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up — I would say “teacher,” so I could write with chalk on the black board. And it’s true, I still think teaching is one of the most significant roles a person can have in anothers life. But it also comes with a lot of responsibility to not imprint beliefs on impressionable minds, but rather open them, seed them with possibilities and nourishing them so they can flourish to bear fruit. I am lucky enough to have had some phenomenally great teachers who made all the difference in my life.

I could never claim to teach anyone, but when Venus was on her first pass in Capricorn, I decided it was time to share what I have learned, teaching basic astrology classes for anyone who wished to learn to use this practical tool and mystical science to apply it to their life and inner work. That is still a goal and a lot of the response I’ve received is local, so if you live in the Hudson Valley, Kingston or NYC area and are interested in in-person classes contact me — I’m trying to put together a group and hopefully with enough response I can start classes in May.


But it [teaching] was also what I thought having a “proper” job meant. What I secretly dreamed of being —  was an alchemist. The thought of turning lead into gold, transforming matter, making potions, studying the eternal mystery fascinated the Scorpio Rising in me. And now, all these years later, I find I am doing just that, rather being myself, exploring studying alchemy, astrology, diving into the mysteries of the unknown, sharing what I have learned. Your subscriptions, consultations and purchases all go towards the cost of running this website and buying materials. And I am grateful to be able to share my passion for it with you here, reading these words.

I put up this website on the night of the Leo Full Moon, with the Sun in Aquarius on January 22, 2008 after much persuasion of my friend Niles, overnight while I was in India visiting family, with the help of my friend Geetanjali. At the time I was working as the Managing Editor, Writer and Astrologer for another astrology website, where I’d been writing the daily blog for a couple of years.

So my website was just a little seed planted without much expectation of anything, but rather just Geets and I, laughing joking working through the night as we did many nights before when we were in college. But as fate would have it, a few weeks later, I had to make the decision to leave a “job” I loved.

I lived breathed and dreamed my job and was simply grateful for the opportunity, so the idea of ever leaving was not even a passing thought. The events leading up to it were rather sudden and caught me by surprise. But after devoting two years of my life, it came down to differing values and not feeling valued (a huge thing for a Taurus). So, sad as I was to leave what had been my nest, it was time to jump off the cliff and pray I could fly.

This could have well been the end of my “career” as an Astrologer. No one even knew that I had my own website at the time. But I began my astrology practice with one prayer, that I still hold in my heart — “God let me serve as many people as you think I have the capacity to serve, be it 1 or a 100.” And by the grace of God, six years later, you’re here, reading these words.

Astrology was never a career choice, it’s a part of my being. And this website is a part of it– evolving and growing as I do. It is what grounds me no matter where my journey takes me, or where in the world I am physically. And with Mars moving through my 6th Solar house, I’m finally getting to the point of starting to put together a team who can help me take it to the next level.

I’d be lying if I said the past six years has been an easy journey, working for myself. Rewarding beyond belief and worth every heart ache — yes, easy — no. I am still very much human. And the biggest lesson learned and re-learned over these years is it isn’t enough to know the path, you have to walk it.

So just a big thank you from my heart to you for your continued support and I hope to continue to share your journey, and invite you to share mine, in the years to come.

With Love,



Pre-Order your Cosmic Diaries: 2014 – 2015 Annual Horoscopes

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(I’ve been posting short updates on the astrological weather there.)

Mercury Retrograde Consultation Discount – One 60 min session for $138.50 (usually $165),
or 2 x 60 min sessions for $275.00 (usually $325).

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