Sun ingresses Libra, Scorpio Moon, Mercury aspects Saturn and Uranus, Sun squares Pluto

We are under a haunting Scorpio Moon tonight, with a couple of powerful aspects developing in the sky. On Tuesday, the Sun ingresses Libra and Mercury [Rx] in Virgo conjuncts Saturn and Pallas. Early Wednesday at 7:42 AM EDT the Moon enters Sagittarius, followed by Mercury’s opposition to Uranus and the Sun’s square to Pluto in Capricorn.

A Scorpio Moon always invites us to go into the deeper darker waters of the psyche. It is only through the darkness can one tunnel through the light. Emotionally this is a time for releasing fear and pain as well as our attachment to it. But this is also extremely perceptive energy, which understands psychically what words cannot express. A Scorpio’s eyes can bore through the depths of your soul.

If we are open we could have insights that can blow us out of the water with what they reveal. But there also may be some difficult truths to own up to. Now is not the time for guilt, or self-criticism. If we are willing to learn we can be open to new inspiration and a way forward.

Given the Sun squares Pluto on the day of the Mercury’s opposition to Uranus — as a fair warning I would say, try not to be too hard on yourself and then project this outwards. Double-check your outbursts as far as possible. Any feelings of inadequacy are pointing to the need to find one’s own strength and integrity.

Mercury’s aspects to Saturn and Uranus, making us keenly aware of the weight of our words and their potential to heal or hurt. Mercury conjunct Pallas says take the high road and rise above pettiness.

We can renew old commitments now and as Mercury goes direct again at the end of the month we can make informed decisions and further solidify agreements. Although it seems we are reaching a deeper understanding of something now internally.

As the Sun squares Pluto this is a chance to resolve one’s own sense of authority in relationships [business and personal,] rather than project any power struggles. With the Sun in Libra, over the next month we are learning the lessons of balanced relationships. All the aspects right now may seem intense, but we are turning a corner now towards healthier boundaries and mutual respect.

As Saturn moves into Libra by the end of October, we will be ready to move forward and ground these lessons.

— Priya Kale, Penetangushene, Ontario


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