Sun sextiles Saturn, Venus conjuncts Pluto

Dear Friends and Readers,

Its a curiously hot and fertile climate. The Sun now in Scorpio, is a strong sextile to Saturn and Jupiter both in earth signs suggesting theres not much that can shake us now, despite our all that is so transitional. But tonight Venus conjuncts Pluto, bringing relationships and financial situations to a boiling point. This as we head into the Taurus Full Moon on Wednesday night.

Financially for all that seems so uncertain in the world, there couldn’t be a more stable image in the sky. I would be surprised if the economic situation didn’t start to get better even as early as after the Full Moon. Earth signs are about worldly and tangible success and Scorpio being the sign of commerce — things have to and will start changing soon. Venus is completing a year long cycle to Pluto and enters Capricorn suggesting stability and a boost in economy almost seems imminent.

Relationships are most definitely going through some pretty necessary changes, to put it mildly. Indeed it may feel like your heart is being put through the fire but the answer here is surrender. With Pluto issues of control, manipulation, obsession, desire, all tend to surface and its important we look at these within ourselves first before we project onto another. With Neptune in a close square to the Sun there are some inner truths we need to acknowledge.

With Pluto change is certain. Now do we want to do this the hard way or the easy way? In Sagittarius the theme of honesty is strong and we need to watch the difference between honesty and playing dirty just to attack someone. But Pluto only takes away what is untrue, and if we are willing to surrender and completely let go we could surprisingly find ourselves on very stable ground.

In Sagittarius, this is a huge leap of faith. In love there can be no ego, only a higher wisdom. With Venus moving into Capricorn and Pluto to follow in the next couple of weeks we are learning what the heart values above all. Although painful, if we can remember that our pain comes from our attachment to our desires we can be set free of it. We always have a choice to end it.

Someone like me, with a Mercury, Moon, Chiron conjunction, although I am a feeler and empathetic and emotionally articulate — I tend to analyze and rationalize my feelings a lot. I also have Pluto opposite my Venus Mars and I know all about obsessions. With a combination of Taurus and Scorpio as my Sun and Rising sign, I am nothing if not determined, committed and persistent. And I am the biggest romantic fool in the world, to my own detriment at times which my friends will vouch for.

But on a day like today, even I know better than to hold on. Let go, give it to God – is the best thing I can say. No matter what you are dealing with, trust in the wisdom of the heart not the bitterness, resentment and lack of trust. This is a highly achemical and purifying aspect and releasing potent sexual energy. But this also means coming to grips with the dark stuff and confronting some of our own demons.

Only those relationships that hold a higher truth can survive and the more we try to control a situation, even our fears the more intense this is likely to feel. If we are willing to trust and let go, we could experience passion and divine surrender that takes us to an solid peak of ecstasy. Venus moving into Capricorn suggests there’s something¬† earthy and rich coming through on the other side. Most importantly — it’s REAL.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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