Sun square Eris | Moon in Virgo conjuncts Venus, Vesta, Mars and Saturn

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Cancer New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse report


Good morning everyone,

It’s Wednesday morning as I write this. The Moon is now void in Leo and enters Virgo in a few minutes.

With the Moon in Virgo over the next couple of days making conjunctions to Venus, Vesta, Mars and Saturn, expect the energy to get very detail oriented.

Today, July 14, 2010, the newly eclipsed Cancer Sun makes an important aspect as it squares Eris in Aries.

Eris is the newly discovered planet who, true to her mythology, was a cause of “discord” within the astronomical community – “demoting” Pluto to dwarf status.

Due to Eris’ extremely large orbit, everyone alive today has Eris in Aries in their Natal Charts. Eris astrologically points to the sense of internal fragmentation we feel as individuals living in today’s modern world. It begs the quintessential [Aries] question: “Who am I?”

Today, with the Sun’s square to Eris, there may be a struggle to balance our needs with the needs of others in our world. What is it that you need in order to feel safe and comfortable in your own skin? We can’t expect others to fulfill our needs if we don’t even know what they are ourselves.

Go inward to seek clarity and understanding rather than projecting insecurity outward or feeling resentful of what you feel is being unfairly asked of you.

Emotionally, creatively, financially and within relationships, we are working through some heavy stuff. Saturn’s passage through Virgo has not been the easiest transit, teaching us lessons of sacrifice, service, dedication, integrity and commitment to one’s path.

As the Moon conjuncts Saturn, the transit will bring us to a culmination of the lessons of Saturn in Virgo. We can get a lot accomplished over the next couple of days if we can keep to the task and rise above anxiety, worry and pressure to do what needs to be done.

Remember that we are coasting through highly fertile New Moon energy. Don’t underestimate your efforts to bring healing to a situation.

Next week, on July 20, 2010, Saturn enters Libra, and we will be entering a whole new era focused on finding balance and equality within our relationships.

I’ll be back with more astrology soon. Meanwhile, I’m here working on a new set of reports for a Love and Money forecast for the 12 signs for the latter part of the year. I will have more details on that for you soon.

Also, I am available for Personal Astrology Consultations, so please email me to schedule an appointment and take advantage of this absolutely fabulous climate we are in.

Hope all is well and prosperous in your world…



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